The moment you hear the word "baby", a cute, cuddly and extremely happy picture comes your mind. Well, not if you don't like babies. But I sometimes wonder, how can people not like babies?

The babies born nowadays are usually hyperactive and healthy. Thanks to proper pre- and post- natal care that has been possible due to the advancement in the medical technologies. 

Being a 90's kid, I have not really seen the best of the medical (read chemical) treatment being given to me. Not that I remember, but yes, I used to be a very funny looking baby. Every time I see any photo of mine, it cracks me up and then I rush to my mom, pestering her to recount my stories and tell me all that she used to do to me! 

I was a healthy baby. I weighed 3 kilograms when I was born. And my mom made sure that I keep up with it throughout my life, and thus even after 23 years, I am that hrisht-pusht baby of the family. Since my father is a doctor, he made sure that I was being properly vaccinated with every possible vaccination available in the market. And that was it. That is the only use of medical technology advancement that was used during my growing up years. No other chemically processed things were used. And trust me, I turned out to be just fine! 

The few things that my mom says were used and useful were :

1. She used to give me bath with milk. Pure cow's milk. Apparently, that enhances the skin color. Even though I was born an above-averagely fair baby, but Indian parents and grand-parents are very sensitive when it comes to their kid's skin color, specially girl's.

2. The only body and hair oil that was being used on me was the good old olive oil. No other scented or chemically treated oil. Just olive oil. 

3. Surely, Dabur was around when I was growing up. I grew up seeing many empty bottles of Dabur Gripe Water. My mom says, gripe water is a must for all babies, so it was for me.

4. Even though my dad is a doctor, he never gave me any medicines whenever sore throat and cough haunted me. He would make a paste of honey, tulsi and ginger and give it to me. Instant and effective relief. 

5. Even today, as the winter steps in, my dad stocks the season'r supply of Dabur Chyawanprash. I have literally grown up eating this thing made up of over 40 odd natural ingredients. 

When I see the dependence of today's parents on everything artificial, it makes me sad and thankful at the same time. Sad because nothing is better than the natural ways and remedies and people, due to lack of time and patience nowadays, just find readily available products a better escape. Thankful because my parents had the time to take the perfect care. 

It is true that the fast paced lives today probably don't give the parents to do things that my parents did for me. But then there are good people like Dabur, who come up with the ready - to- use ayurvedic products and helping people provide the perfect care needed for the development of any baby. Our home has always been a happy home because we were happy children, away from the major diseases. 

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  1. The first three points were quite interesting ones actually. Didn't really know that to be honest :).

    Taking bath with milk actually reminds me of the festival Mahamasthaabhishekha :D.

  2. Hahahaha! Well, I was sadly not crowned as any king!

    And trust me Aseem, each and every Indian household has some new and interesting nuskha!

  3. You describe these things in a very creative way.