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  Shekhar found it very difficult to convince Tara to go back home. There was so much going inside his head that he found it almost impossible to calm down his restless wife. He somehow managed to sent her home with the driver. 

  Roohi was finally in her senses. He called up Tara to give her the news. Tara did not think twice before picking up her handbag and leaving for the hospital. She rushed towards the lift. The lift took ages to come, it seemed to her. The unsettled mother in her did not wait for the lift to reach her at the 12th floor. She decided to take the stairs. She started running downstairs. Her phone rang again. She knew it was Shekhar. She started to look for her phone in her bag, completely forgetting that she has to keep track of her steps. She missed one stair. 

  The fall seemed eternal. She could hear her scream fading away as she lost her consciousness.


  Shekhar did not figure out yet how to deal with the sudden crisis that he is facing. His world has come crashing down. One room of the hospital has his wife, still unconscious. The other room has her daughter, not ready to even look at him. 

  He knew Tara's restlessness was not because of Roohi. She knew Roohi was out of danger. He knows his wife. Tara was more keen to know the reason why Jennifer's name cropped up after so many years.   If only he knew the reason. 

  He has promised Tara never to bring Jennifer's name in their family. He promised Jennifer never to cross her way, never to meet her or even call her. But he knew he was missing out on something now. He knows he should contact her again.

  He always knew he could not run away from the truth. The only thing he did not know that it would would strike him so soon, so suddenly..

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