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"Where is Roohi?", slightly hysterical Tara runs towards Shekhar, who was sitting outside the ICU. 

"She is out of danger. This is what the doctor said." Shekhar was evidently sounding tired. 

"I am going to sue the school authority for the negligence. It is our daughter, it could have been anyone.."Tara broke down. 

"Calm down, Tara. Please. What bothers me the most right now is that Roohi doesn't want to see me. She screams whenever she sees me. The doctor said that it is the sudden trauma which is acting up. But.." Shekhar lost his voice suddenly.

"But what, Shekhar? Tara was definitely getting restless. "I need to see her NOW!"

"But, she keeps on screaming Jeniffer's name.." Shekhar completed his sentence. 

Tara did not know how to react to this. She stood there, silently. Shekhar started walking towards the ICU's door. Roohi was sleeping. He could seen the pain on her face. 

Jennifer Joseph. It took Tara and Shekhar five years to completely forget about that photographer. Roohi was too small to remember anything. But how can she call her name? Was it the same Jennifer from Kochi who turned their world upside down five years ago? Or was it Roohi's new friend in school? Various questions were hammering Tara's head with an unimaginable intensity. 

"Shekhar, did she ever mention about any friend of hers who was named Jennifer?", Tara asked Shekhar.


What could have possibly made Roohi remember her suddenly? Jennifer would have been the last person to whom the Dutta couple would have ever wanted Roohi to meet or interact with. 

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