(This is a runner-up post in the #InspireAFragnance Contest by Godrej Aer in association with IndiBlogger)

The year 2014 has been very happening for me. I have, suddenly, traveled a lot. Yes, half a year down and 3 road trips is actually a lot for me.

But the only thing common in all of them was - rains. I don't like rains. But this time, rains probably added to the richness of my experience.

Be it the highways of Punjab or the Yamuna expressway or the narrow roads of Goa, I realized the rains never changed anywhere. It brought down the good old memories to me by being an evocative source in a new way.

It played with my olfactory senses this time. Taking me back to the good  old childhood days of simplicity and memories, the smell of wet earth is probably the new reason for me to love the rains.

When the water falls from the lap of the Almighty
to cool down the summer winds,
to give new life to the mother Earth,
to send me back to the plethora of childhood memories,
to transform me to a whole new world of imagination,
please, kiss me down to the wet earth.

When you are rushing through the highways of Punjab and there is a downpour, open up your windows and experience the richness of desh ki mitti. Surrounded by green fields on both sides, the wet soil scent give you a all new enthusiasm to drive.

In Goa, though the driving experience is altogether new, the wet earth teleports you to a whole new world. The villages surrounding the pretty narrow roads of south Goa, when sees the downpour, gives you a great experience altogether - a treat to all your senses.

Wouldn't it be great if we could have this smell flirting with our senses during all our drives? What say Godrej Aer


  1. Yes, indeed it would be wonderful to have such a mesmerizing smell bottled up! Lovely post dear :)

  2. Hello Bushra! Thank you so much for dropping by and liking the post. :)