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I finally managed to get hold of the Zen-man. He is the new superhero in town. It is too difficult nowadays to find such a humble and easily available superhero. Most of the other superheros are too arrogant to actually stop and have a word with the common man. 

I have always loved the superheros, but I never aspired to be one. It is always good to do good stuff at your end, which will help people. If you really want to help, you will-with or without super powers. This is what I have always believed. 

The Zen-Man seems that kind to me. He believes in making everyone a superhero in his/her own way, more than being the only one of his kind. He is a funny li'l man, helping the one in need. He gets his name from the "Zen" practice-the highly meditative state. 

He wears this very funny pair of spectacles. The reason that he gave was that it helps in achieving the state of complete peace and concentration quickly. He can teleport anywhere whenever he is being needed. This meditative state helps him achieve that. 

For him, it has always being about letting people know how to fight with the inner evil. If you can not fight it, you can not fight the other evils, which according to him are smaller. Smaller than anyone cn imagine. 

When he met me, he just asked me to be a good human being, and to believe in myself. He told me, with all the conviction,"I can not be everywhere. I thus give you this ZenPhone, which will make you the superhero that you can be."

I was still trying to figure out how this phone will actually help me out or be of any use to be a "superhero". Suddenly it rings with a map location. Exactly 200 meter from my location, there was some prompting on the screen. I went there. A waste disposal bin lies there, with a loads of garbage around it, but not inside it. Then the Zen-Man pops up on my screen!

"This is the power of Zen. Whenever you think of something ill/bad happening around you, regarding anything, consciously or unconsciously, this ZenPhone gives you a chance to do your bit towards it. Let it be anything as small as littering of the roads to something as big as robbery in the neighborhood. No one is asking you to be the macho and fighter superhero. There are many other ways of fighting. I can not be everywhere, but yes, I can have good people around to help and support me . With the passage of time, as your determination and conviction increases, your phone becomes more powerful with you. Who knows you may become the next Zen-Man". 

I was a bit confused. Then I was shocked and finally I was overwhelmed by this wonderful idea. I have been able to help a lot in my own ways. It makes me feel happy. It makes me content. 

With the ZenPhone I have become a superhero in my own way. Totally. I might not be one of those superheros with fancy guns and weapons, but I have a determination to do something good. And of course, the ZenPhone. 

You too can check out the wonderful phone here. Be a good person and put your ZenPhone to a great use. 

This is a fictional account written for an competition by Asus.
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