It’s amazing that how fast time flies away. Time is the best teacher , we all know. And we all have witnessed this fact at some point of our lives.

While sipping my evening coffee today, I was thinking what to write for my blog. I wanted to continue the “Bucket List” series and I was clueless about what to write next. Then I started flipping through some old diaries that I used to maintain and yes, I got my answer.

Family and love, I already covered that. But did I mention about this one person, whom I met and whose presence and unfortunately absence, made me realize that yes, she is one crossed-out event of my bucket list.

Meeting and knowing Mahimaa completed my task of meeting a wonderful person, who is a keeper. A soul-sister, well that is what she used to be. It seems like ages since we last met. And we are still unable to meet due to one reason or the other. But I am so sure that I will meet her before this year ends.

She has been that one person, with whom I have done loads of my firsts. My first ever outstation trip without my family, my first ever girl's day and what not. And if I don't count the bigger things, even the smallest of things like going to a Gurudwara or the IndiBlogger meet are special memories to me because of her.

Probably words can never describe what she means to me and how strongly she has effected my life, not to mention, helped in every screwed up situation. She has always been there coming out with the most practical and rational solution. Even today, when we talk randomly, I feel just so good. True, some people are too good to be true.

No one can ever take her place. And I know now, the frequency of meeting or talking really does not matter, when you know that you have that special connect.

Sharing here..few pages of my diaries..lost in the sands of time...

PS : Sorry for the images. My scanner got stuck in between the scanning process, so had to use my phone camera.

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