Day 1.

Yes, I am finally spilling some beans on a public platform. I'm not sure if I will be doing it correctly. I'm not sure whether the things I'm writing qualify as secrets. I'm not sure if I should write them at all, but I guess now that I have started, there is no turning back.

10. I too have a nickname. It's Gaabu. It's funny. End of discussion.

9. I am a big time racist. I don't like people because of their community, country of residence, skin colour etc etc. I'm not very proud of it, but yes,  it is a secret. It might happen that I suddenly start disliking you. Now you know the reason. 

8. I call myself a foodie, but I hate to eat 99 things out of the 100 things that I have been offered. Yes, I don't really eat. I just taste. But thankfully, when I recommend you some restaurant, it is because I ate that one thing which I don't hate.

7. I might not show, but I'm a hopeless romantic.

6. I hate smoking, but when I'm thoroughly depressed, I smoke. The last time I was "thoroughly depressed" was some 2 years back. So no, this is not a serious problem.

5. I'm really a sissy. I'm afraid of heights, water, road traffic and many other regular things. I would just avoid them, but never show that why I avoid them.

4. I am hyper allergic to things. And even I am not aware if I am allergic to them. AND  for the things I know - I am too nice to admit that. So next time you happen to cook something really nice with generous garnishing of jalapenos/coriander/strawberries and you offer me some, there are high chances that I will politely take it and sit with it. Please don't force me to eat it.

3. Even though it would happen 1 in 10000 times, but I get angry. Real bad.  When I get angry there is no one as dangerous. I can blow up the whole planet. Solar system. Galaxy. Universe.

2.   I love history. The subject that we studied in middle school, that history.

1. I now post as Sushmita and not Rose. Though there was a totally different idea behind the name "Rose", I realized I need to let go off certain things that don't belong o me any more. And Sushmita is my real name.

That was not so hard. I loved writing it. And I hope to get back tomorrow too. 


  1. You have such a cutie blog.. :) Me likes.. :)
    10 day challenge is a nice thing you are doing.. :)
    Here to stay.. :)

  2. Hey! Thanks a lot! And I really hope that I don't disappoint you! :)

  3. phew! I can never write a post with this theme ever :D Great job!

  4. Hehehehe! Thanks! Even I couldn't. But then it was all about "coming out of my comfort zone" :D