She stood in front of the mirror holding the stick in her hand, curiously looking at it. 

"Radhika, are you done? Please come out.” Sahil knocked on the bathroom door.

Radhika quietly came out, extending the stick towards Sahil. "We have to wait for another 2 minutes", she said.

Those two minutes felt like a lifetime. Both of them exchanged nervous glances.

"It’s negative.” Radhika announced after she looked at the stick again.

Sahil hugged her and kissed her on the forehead and said, “There is nothing to worry about." He walked towards the bedroom to get his bag and car keys so he could leave for his office. Radhika was relieved too. She sat down on the couch, wondering, "If I'm not pregnant, then what is making me skip my periods?" Sahil came down, saw Radhika in her pensive state and sat beside her. 

"Aren’t you getting late for work?” Radhika asked him, slightly in tears. "I'll work from home today. If my wife needs me, nothing else can be more important.” said Sahil grasping her hand.

They have been married for 8 months now. Radhika completed her graduation on her 21st birthday. She lost her mom at a very young age due to uterine cancer, which was detected at a late stage. Her dad, a retired army official, did not use to keep well. He knew Radhika was too young to get married and settle down, but he was worried about his little princess, for there would be no one to look after her once he was gone. Sahil, a 23 year old engineer, working for one of the leading MNC, seemed like a perfect match for Radhika. He belonged to a family with strong values, he was well educated and most importantly, Radhika and Sahil knew each other since they were kids. When Radhika's father approached Sahil's father, he was elated. Sahil met Radhika as a suitor. Both of them agreed to the alliance. The wedding happened and the 8 months together were a joy-ride for both of them. Sahil conveyed to Radhika that he would not mind if Radhika wishes to continue with her higher studies. With the support of both the families and Sahil, Radhika was just a step away from getting into her dream college. Therefore, having a baby at this point of time was out of question. 

A week passed by and they took the test again. The result was negative. Radhika could not control herself this time and burst into tears. Sahil was worried too, but he could not just lose it all. 

"Let us go to the doctor." Sahil said, hugging her.

"I don't know what is wrong. I'm sure we are pregnant.", Radhika managed to say, somehow. "Please don't cry, Radhika. Even if we are, we will manage. I will manage to look after the baby, and you won't have to compromise on anything. You please don't worry." he said.

"Its not about taking care of the baby or about any compromises. It would be equally mine. But the point is-" Radhika was crying very badly, "-I don't want a baby right now, Sahil.” she almost shouted.

Sahil called up the nearest hospital to take an appointment with a gynaecologist.  They reached there, completed the usual formalities and entered the doctor's cabin.

"Hi Radhika! Please have seat.’ the doctor greeted and smiled at Sahil.

Radhika sat down and narrated her problem to the doctor.

The doctor was an extremely compassionate woman, who could sense the nervousness and worry in the air by looking at Radhika's face. "Did you take the test?” she asked. "Yes, twice. Both the results were negative.", Radhika informed the doctor. "For how long have you been married?” she asked. "8 months.” Sahil replied and the doctor made some notes. "Are you planning a baby?" "No, not for another 4-5 years.” Sahil continued. "Yes, of course. You people look too young. Radhika, do not worry. I will write you some medicines. Go ahead, take them. You shall resume your cycle in a week. But just to be on the safer side, we will conduct some tests after 2 weeks." the doctor said.

"We are not pregnant, right?" Radhika asked, with her usual curiosity. "No. It doesn't seem so. But are you fairly irregular?" "No, this is probably the second time this year.” Radhika replied. "But it has happened earlier also Radhika, last year in September or October may be?” Sahil questioned his wife. "Okay. I will say occasionally irregular. So Radhika do you have a family history of any female health issues? Like your mother or grandmother?” the doctor asked again writing in her notepad. "Yes, my mother had uterine cancer...” Radhika suddenly went a little pale. "Oh. Then we'll have to get whatever is there, diagnosed first. You please take the medicine and the tests I have suggested and meet me in 15 days. Take care." said the doctor with her usual smile.

After one week of medication, Radhika resumed her cycle. She was pretty happy with the results. Sahil asked her when she could spare time for the tests suggested by the doctor. "I was talking to my aunt; she said that is really normal. So do we really need to go for the tests?” Radhika asked Sahil, while passing him the morning newspaper. 

Sahil took a deep breath. Radhika sensed the hint of anger. But he did not shout nor did anything that might just upset her. “See Radhika, the tests won't cost us anything. And when you have your body giving you certain signs, you should not ignore them. This is nothing but abnormal. The intensity of the abnormality does not matter."

"Yes, you are right. What if it hampers our future plans of having a baby.." Radhika started, but was interrupted by Sahil. His voice was raised this time. She could feel the heaviness in his voice as well. "It’s not about that Radhika. I don't care even if we adopt a baby. It will not share it's DNA with us, rest nothing is going to be different. All I care about is you. I don't want anything to happen to you. If there is anything and it can be treated, then why should we delay?"

Radhika knew she cannot just refuse to that. She has always known Sahil to be a guy who would care about everyone important to him. But what he said to her right now left her speechless. 

The next morning they collected all the test reports and went straight to the doctor. The doctor greeted them with her usual smile.

After looking at her reports, she said "Your thyroid is normal. But yes, the ultrasound shows some abnormalities in the right ovary. It is bigger in size due to the few cysts are there due to hormonal imbalance. May be that is because of some past medicines that you might have taken. There is nothing to worry about. This condition is called PCOS. It is at its initial stage though. So that it is easier to tackle. Usually we suggest planning a baby in these cases, but since you don't want to, I'll write down some medicines and diet. Things will be under-control."

"Is this pretty common and curable?” Sahil asked. "Yes, yes. This is very common among women these days. But I'm glad you were here so early. People usually don't take these things this seriously. And sometimes, the diagnosis of PCOS is too late that it might results in infertility. But in your case we can control and treat it. ", the doctor replied while scribbling down the prescription to the couple.

"Do I need to fear about my mother's ailment? Is uterine cancer congenital?", Radhika asked the doctor. "No. No. It is usually not heredity. And moreover, none of your initial tests show any symptoms of cancer. So you can relax.” the doctor replied.

"Thank you doctor", said Radhika with a smile. 

They came out of the room, Radhika thanked Sahil. She thanked God for giving him such a wonderful husband. Radhika knew she is going to be fine. She knew this because her husband did not let her ignore the signs her body gave.

"I just love you man!” Radhika said, looking at Sahil. "I know. But I love you more than that!” he winked back at her. 

Moral of the story: It is clear that no matter how strong or weak the indications are, one should never ignore any symptoms. Not every story has a happy ending.

This post is fictional and is written for a contest sponsored by Colgate on IndiBlogger. And yes, another attempt at writing fiction. *sigh*


  1. Nice story....good narration....enjoyed reading it

  2. Hi Ritesh! :)
    Thank you for your kind words. They definitely encouraged me to write more stories! :)