Hello! Welcome to the first sexist post of this blog. The few things that you have to keep in mind while reading this:

1) No, I have not been dumped by a guy. This is what I think about guys usually. Now, even you would agree that there are few things which you can generalize about guys (or as a matter of fact, for girls too). Yes, I'm not THAT biased after all.

2) This is not a result of my hatred for a particular class of the society, or a particular group of people, but yes, YOU are apparently a reason!

3)This blog post is not to promote sexism. I'm using my freedom of expression, you are free to use yours.

Without going into the regular ritual of stating the reason for this irregularity, I would rather jump to the reason why, why on earth am I wasting my precious time and the sudden-out-of-the-blue-opportunity of logging in to blogger, and writing something.

Now coming back to the title, this is one generalization with whom almost everyone would agree.

If I say all boys are dogs please don't if-girls-stop-being-bitches-we'll-stop-being-dogs me. Not every girl is a bitch, and you know that. And yes, dogs-are-faithful clause won't work either.

There are so many things that anyone would hate about guys. Like, they would never clean their feet, they would eat like a pig and then burp like some other animal, and trust me, I can go on.

Boys are crazy. They act cool, and then when they see you like it, they'll over do it and make you hate them from the bottom of your heart. They'll be friendly and caring, and finally when you manage to develop a bond with them, they'll again over do their caring and keep doing it until you are frustrated, forced to kick them out of your life. Not just that, if you are in a relationship, demand some space, they will give you excess of it, apparently making you feel ignored. In short, they have this tendency to overdo everything. Seriously, if you do something and it is liked, it means you have to maintain it, not enhance it exponentially.

I'm not saying that boys are useless. They are a pro at breaking hearts(and breaking wind as a matter of fact! Over-eating,like a pig is bad for anyone after all). Wait a second, the must be having more uses. Let me see. I seriously can not think of any use of them apart from contributing in the existence of our species.

They cry about girls being given the undue advantage, all the time. Seriously have you ever seen how important it is in a male dominant society like ours? You can never have enough of this argument, really. I mean you look out for excuses to blame a girl how she's taking opportunity of being a girl. For once, stand by a female, when she is being ill-treated, and then present your opinions. I'll be all ears, unbiased.

Its not like that you can not be liked be anyone. If you are hot, you are perceived like that. And if we like you, we like you, no matter what. But that likeness is limited to a few member of your species. If you are not that one(or two or three) stop trying dude, and move on!

This one might be absurd and abrupt, but I honestly feel very strongly of men and boys.

PS:Please do not come up with comments saying anything related to the men/boys of one's family. You know even I can do the same for you!


  1. Nicely written!!!soft pinching is lyked!!..:P:P i dont knw much about writing a blog,but what i personally feel,to make people enjoy ur write-ups,do not end it abruptly,end it in such a way dat d readers feel lyk coming back for more!!!
    ps-i m only talking about the language nd al!!!no comments on the content,u can easily imagine ur comments if i had written a post 'Girl's will be bitches,oops,i mean bitches!!

  2. well i would say , u were being very defensive after every thing you stated .. let it be a male dominant society ... why do u care when speaking on your own blog ??? Either you stand for it or against it choosing a middle path reveals a sense of social existence where men/boys are integral part .... keep penning more ..

  3. @Anonymous
    I guess I got your point and the reason as well why you din not comment on what was required here. I deduce you are a guy :P:P

    Anyway, thanks for the appreciation, and yes, I'll keep your points in mind :D


  4. @Abhinav
    Finally I get a new regular reader! (Take it as an obligation now ;))

    I did not defend myself, firstly. Its like, I really like some guys in spite of the fact that they are insanely inhuman at times.

    I liked the way you put it though, choosing the middle path revealing their importance and existence. Well, that is true, and I'm not denying it. Men/boys are as integral as any woman/lady, but the former ones may be take advantage of it. I feel that, and that is why the post. But no doubts, their existence is important..No, I can not dream of a society without them. Rather, let me put it this way, I can not dream of a society with all girls :P

    Thanks for coming back again and your time and appreciation! :)

  5. Rose,

    This can easily be titled an "Open Letter". The confused state of your mind is clearly visible in the post. You are not able to decide what you want to say.
    There are girls with every single characteristic you mentioned about guys, but you didn't talk them. There are not just one (or two or three) guys who think that not all girls are bitches. There are many, much more than the girls who would agree that not all boys are dogs.
    It's your blog and I respect your views but I don't agree with them. :D

  6. @AzzArun
    If you went through the previous comment by Abhinav, its my space, I can say whatever I want to. Therefore the reason is clear why I pointed out boys. :P
    Moreover, in the very first paragraph I mentioned that I'm not THAT biased.

    Cheers! :D

  7. you are dead. period! gulabo, u are dead

  8. Rose!

    I cannot apologize enough for not checking this out earlier. I didn't have any idea you were writing so regularly, God knows why! Or maybe someone didn't feel like she should've told me about it. :P whatever. :P
    Anyway..I like the post. As Arun said, you do appear confused. But then this wasn't really a well-thought-out and planned post, or was it? It was impromtu and more of a rant you'd been in need of for a while. And hence, I won't depreciate it's significance by criticizing. You anyway know my views on the subject of men's likeness to animals. ;)

    More comments coming up!


  9. @FL
    Such me? You'll have to fly down to Delhi to do that! And guess what, I'm waiting! :P :D

  10. @Mahima
    I don't know if you would believe it or not, but I forgot that I posted here THIS regularly! :D

    I was confused, and this one was impromptu. But not a single word I wrote is against my feelings :D

    But I really gave this a second thought, animals might display some presence of grey cells, which boys won't. :D
    So may be that comparison is not apt :D

    I'll be waiting for your comments. :D
    Hugs :D

  11. khunnas nikal rahi thi apni? xD an entertaining one this was. i'd agree with the other heres.. you do sound confused.. it was going really good according to me, a bit defensive, but good. but then too abrupt an ending. :( i was hoping this to be another long one like Auntie Shiela and The Genuine Koschans. :D