Hello again! Another Wednesday, another blabbering me.

I frantically thought about what to write. One week is a long time to think about it, but then, I probably live a very non-happening life, so nothing of much importance can practically come out of my world. I somehow settled upon writing about my latest shopping spree, but then, couldn't find the right mood to do that. I am, therefore, writing about certain things, that I fail to understand.

I fail to understand why people wear glares indoors, inside the Metro, or in the evening (I mean after sunset!)
Not a very unique thing to notice and write about, but then it feels so weird! I was discussing this with my sister the other day. She, being a noble soul, suggested that may be these people might have eye-flu, and might be saving other people from this infections. *hands down*. Honestly, if you guys sport your glares at odd timings or at odd places solely with the purpose of saving us from your deadly flu, then truly commendable, else stop being a wannabe!

I fail to understand how I can still be living, without luck, without a person to love etc etc, without forwarding even one of those chain messages!

By this I mean all those stupid SMSes and emails saying “Forward this to 10 people, or suffer bad luck for the coming 10 years” or “Forward this and you’ll meet your true love within 24 hrs”…Whatever!
By this I also mean to ask, how can people be so stupid as to forward SMSes and mails which say that forwarding them would provide 5 paise or a rupee to the originator of the mail and help him/her? Honestly, no such system has as yet been generated, trust me!

I fail to understand why people put their messenger status message as “DO NOT DISTURB”.
Okay, this one is an input from Umang.

Honestly, if you don’t wish to be disturbed, then why sign in? Even if they otherwise won’t have, people will definitely ping you now to ask the reason behind such a status! A total show off of your busy life, I say; better keep it to yourself, no one is really that interested in your busy life - we have one too!

I fail to understand why Facebook has as one of its groups, anything that can be on anyone’s mind, even a toddler’s.

And to think people seriously join them! I join them too, but then again, I don’t understand why I do that! As if telling people (the world in this case) about your stupidity or about the happiness of being non-committal is actually going to make you feel good!

I fail to understand how guys can give priority to sports over their girls.

No, I never had such an experience, but I always come across people, I mean my girl-friends, who complain about this. Honestly, all the heart and emotion that a guy tends to show otherwise to his girl just vanishes, I don’t know where, when he sets sight upon anything to do with his favorite sport!

I fail to understand why people make funny faces when playing with a toddler.

The fact that the poor kid can’t speak doesn’t give you the right to torment it with all the weirdly funny faces you can possibly make!

I fail to understand why the Twilight series is such a rage among girls!

As if you’ll actually run away with a vampire in a Volvo, rather than a multimillionaire hunk in a Limo! And if it is just because of Robert Pattinson, then honestly, no one can look more hemoglobin deprived than him!

I fail to understand why a building is called building, when it has already been built!

Hahahaha…this one is my favourite, and I must have mentioned it earlier as well. I asked this to my sister, when I was very young, probably after seeing an under-construction site and overhearing someone say, “This building is going to be huge!” She was left tongue-tied, literally!
One funny language English surely is, but we still love it.

I fail to understand why girls are infamous for indulging in gossiping, when, apparently, boys love to gossip much more, any day, any time!

Yes, it’s totally true. Boys will always know what’s cooking in the school or college campus and who’s doing what; it’s just that they don’t show. Hey guys, we don’t mind if you gossip, it’s a healthy habit, totally, but at least, come out into the light about it!

I fail to understand why sarcasm is so - not - comprehensible by almost everyone!
Taunt a person, and he never gets it. But when you don't use sarcasm, people tend to find it in your words. Seriously, sarcasm is one deadly weapon of smart people who, alas, practically don't exist in huge numbers.

I fail to understand the silly short forms people use nowadays.
Asap, fyi, stfu, lol, jk, rofl...bleh!!

Anything and everything! I even hate the SMS language, honestly, which has gradually made its way into official mails as well. Honestly, what pleasure do people get by saving a few alphabets?!

This one is the God, I feel, that came out when I was talking to Nikhil. I fail to understand why all of us, no matter what, tend to be hypocritical.

At some point or the other, we tend to be hypocrites, without even realizing it. Looking down upon someone’s effort, or may be the feeling of contempt you get sometimes, or may be having virtues, different for different people, for something that is equal. Hate it, but we all have it.

Just some silly little things that I don’t understand, I thought of sharing them.

Till the next time, keep thinking about the things you fail to understand.


  1. he he.. cos' life is fun without understanding the answers for questions like this :P

  2. haha...sports over gals...true very very true..also gadgets over gals

  3. thumbs up..following Ms Rose was not a bad decision..;)

  4. i simply loved the building part and now that i have read it,m wondering,why i never thot about it before..and d glares part,even i dnt get it.and i still tend to think about it when i see people doing that..
    i enjoyed this article..gud wrk..:)

  5. I loved it in parts...like the one about sarcasm...so true!! then this thing about guys and gossip...they go so hand-in-hand, and yet they don't admit it! blah! Robert Pattinson (though i like him too) does really look Hb-deprived...wow, how could i never think of that!! :D
    And finally, most commendable...making funny faces that actually scare babies rather than amuse them...how do people never realise it? don't they look into the mirror at themselves? :P
    Good job :)

  6. Its not always sports over girls...
    Sometimes girls play a good sport of boys...
    Lost all respect for u...

  7. hahaha
    veyr nice post

    take care n have a nice day :)

  8. @Arun
    Oh c'mon!
    Life is more fun while looking for the weirdest of the answers to these questions :P

  9. @Freelancer
    Oh shucks!
    How could I ever miss that?!

  10. @Deepanshu
    Welcome to my world! :P

  11. @Angel
    Thanks..though I was looking forward to critical comments from you.:P

  12. @Anonymous
    Looks like I hurt someone. But you took it in wrong sense dude. Really.

  13. @Rainboy
    Thank you. You are always invited here. :D

  14. was kind of thinking about writting something on similar lines... :P thank god i stumbled upon...funny post

  15. @Maniac.hunter
    Thanks a lot! I intended to be funny, and my purpose solved :D

  16. Some answers:

    People wear glares indoors to look good. Same reason you don't move around unwashed, unkempt, and wearing a sack.

    People forward the things for the same reason they worship god. Promise of heaven, fear of hell, extreme gullibility.

    Toddlers are bored of the normal faces saying shit they can't understand. The buggers need a change for entertainment, so give them the funny faces. (I also suspect most of us secretly like making funny faces and don't get enough opportunities)

    Twilight. Chetan Bhagat. People are dumb. 'Nuff said.

    People use short forms because of endemic ADD in the net generation.

    And finally, my favourite. Why all of us tend to be hypocritical. Answer - Because we can. I could say I don't understand why people find being hypocritical wrong, but I'd be lying. Answer remains the same.

    Next time you need a primer on human psychology, remember - "'Tis only a fool who goes looking for reason in the recesses of the human mind"