Another of my post, filled with all the disappointments of my life!

I am nowadays wondering if there is anything in this sad life of mine about which I am really "happy".

During the time when I was wondering, I got another thing to hate in my world. Recently, one of my friends got operated. He had some problem with his nose, which I happen to remember clearly until last night when I discussed it with another of my friend who happens to a medical college students who described it as operation of maxillary sinuses. And then he went on “Para - nasal sinuses, air-filled, blah blah. The largest are the two maxillary sinuses found directly under the eye sockets. Blah blah blah. The sinuses produce mucus, blah blah. Their function is not clearly understood, blah blah.” And I still don’t know what happened to my beloved friend who had this nose job done, but thanks to my medic friend, I got confused anyway.(The thought of meeting him in person now is so killing. I’m dead anyway even if I don’t meet him, he has plans to kill me with arsenic trioxide dose in my daily milk. He claims I’ll be dead before I know, as if I really want to know! Ughhhh!I hate these doctors!)

Coming back to the point, which must have been clear by now, my hatred for doctors and their place of residence, the hospitals! So my beloved friend in question here was admitted to the same renowned “Government” hospital of Delhi, where apparently all the kids of my family (save me) or most of the Delhi families are said to be born, and where my dad also underwent two surgeries recently. This hospital is one typical “sarkari’ place, which are portrayed in the SAB TV serials in which the poor guy had to run from every nook and corner of the hospital to get himself admitted there.

I personally hate hospitals, which of course everyone does. But I get these very weird vibes from hospitals, specially these “sarkari” ones, where patients are in a huge number and there is no place to accommodate any. The last time I went there, when dad was admitted, I fainted after coming out of dad’s room; partially because of it was my dad, partially because of the hospital’s condition. Patients are lying every where, like everywhere! The people at this hospital have put some board outside the OPD section, “Free eye surgery”, but I really wonder if the wait is really worth.

Another of the beautiful characteristic of this “sarkari” hospital is that they will keep you with them, no matter how fast you have recovered. My dad was kept there for 12 days, whereas other hospitals would have discharged him in 4, and my friend’s otherwise 1 day stay turned into 5 in this hospital. Another reason, you see, for more people outside the hospital building than on the hospital beds.

That’s why eat apples and stay away from hospitals! I wish my friend a healthy recovery, though another of the problem that he is facing that his doctor is always on a leave. He thanks God that she somehow managed throughout his whole surgery else God knows what would have happened! Post – surgery period seems really painful, but he is not having his doctor for precautions and dressings. 

Therefore, Nikhil, your “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. But if the doctor is beautiful, throw the apple away!” might not be working here! (Yes, I tagged Nikhil here because I love his blog, and he deserves more reads)

Till the next time, keep eating apples!


  1. i hate the hospitals more den anythin ....and thats y i us3ed to say (medical kyu le lia ladki :P)
    i get a yuck kinda feeling from hospital

    therefore i don feel like commenting on it...but u insisted so i have to.... :P

  2. i hate apples and i hate doctors.. makes it v.difficult to choose either one.. if i don't eat, i go to doc, if i don't have to go doc, i need to eat apple :( hate life's such choices :P

  3. yeh to bhut compicated bog hai yaar

  4. Hmmph !! u saw Delhi govt hosp n fainted... You should see the condition of the govt hosp I work in !! :P

    n Indian Govt tries to do its best (inspite of most of the fund being eaten by the middle men) for mango people to get free medical care... Its better than the situation in US where everyone has to pay BIG bucks to get med care !!

    The next time u visit a hosp.. dont see the swarming number of irritating patients.. they are just there as the last means to be relieved of their suffering !! :)

  5. @Aayush
    baby, kuch bhi?:P:P

  6. @Leo
    This is life...:P
    Atleast you have choices :D

  7. @Arun
    Ya, I agree..but sometimes I feel even these overtment hospitals are limited to a particular section of the society.

    Can't help the situation, anyway:(