Desserts. Like many, I too have one extra stomach for desserts. I am a dessert fanatic. And thus I decided to start this series with some wonderful pictures of even more wonderful last courses which melt my heart.

There are two reasons for #MyDessertProject. One, I am kind of giving up on sweet treats now for too many reasons. Two, one of the important days of my life started off with a dessert wish list to full fill. Though I have now completed that wishlist but my quest for desserts and dessert dates has not ended completely.

Also, desserts brought to me the beginning of a new chapter in my life, which I am currently living. Therefore, sharing my happiness. 

This series started as a  completely Instagram based series and now I have extended it to a fulfledged series on my blog.

Here is the list of posts - about some of my favourite desserts:

1. 5 Unique Ice Cream Flavours to Try

2. Making Your Dessert Healthy

3. Childhood Friend Called Cotton Candy!

4. Know Your Waffles, Pancakes and Crepes.

This is the travel edition of  #MyDessertProject

The first few pictures from where the journey of #MyDessertProject started!  

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