Desserts. Like many, I too have one extra stomach for desserts. I am a dessert fanatic. And thus I decided to start this series with some wonderful pictures of even more wonderful last courses which melt my heart.

There are two reasons for #MyDessertProject. One, I am kind of giving up on sweet treats now for too many reasons. Two, one of the important days of my life started off with a dessert wish list to full fill. Though I have now completed that wishlist but my quest for desserts and dessert dates has not ended completely.

Also, desserts brought to me the beginning of a new chapter in my life, which I am currently living. Therefore, sharing my happiness. 

This series started as a  completely Instagram based series and now I have extended it to a full-fledged series on my blog.

Here is the list of posts - about some of my favourite desserts:

1. 5 Unique Ice Cream Flavours to Try

2. Making Your Dessert Healthy

3. Childhood Friend Called Cotton Candy!

4. Know Your Waffles, Pancakes and Crepes.

But of course, the Instagram hashtag is my favourite!

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  1. Even I have an extra stomach for desserts :) Great to find another sweet lover!