My Li'l Travel Book

I like travelling. I don't love it though. I don't call myself a traveler but yes, in the past few years of my life I have got some great opportunities to travel and explore some great parts of the country.

For a major chunk of my life, I did not get many chances to travel because my parents are not a fan of going around places, hoping around for hotels and cabs and tiring themselves by the local sightseeing. But as they say, changes are necessary and thus I managed to bring a li'l change in them. I traveled with them, I traveled alone, I traveled by all means of transport and realized that road is the best way to travel.

Soon, I will be sharing my li'l experiences of the various towns and cities of India. I hope you enjoy this series.

Here is the list of places I could write about so far:
  1. My li'l Travel Book | Pondicherry
  2. My li'l Travel Book | Jaipur
  3. My Li'l Travel Book | Bangalore 
  4. My Li'l Travel Book | Goa. Part 1.
  5. My Li'l Travel Book | Mumbai. Part 1.
  6. My Li'l Travel Book | Hyderbad
  7. My Li'l Travel Book | Pattaya
  8. My Li'l Travel Book | Phuket
  9. My Li'l Travel Book | Phi Phi Island
  10. My Li'l Travel Book | Ao Nang, Krabi
  11. My Li'l Travel Book | Amritsar
  12. My Li'l Travel Book | Udaipur
  13. My Li'l Travel Book | Coorg
  14. My Li'l Travel Book | Kasol and Malana


2 opinions:

Julia Elizabeth said...

You have traveled to such amazing places! I would love to visit India, looking forward to your posts :)

Sushmita Malakar said...

Thank you so much. I aspire to travel more and write even more. And yes, whenever you are in India, I would love to be your host! :)

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