The very first line of my description anywhere reads "Proud Indian". I am indeed very proud to be born in a country which is so diverse and has a rich heritage.

After I became a li'l bit mature - no really, let us put it this way - after I grew up and my parents decided to cut off the umbilical cord, I decided to explore as much as I can. I travel with family, friends, alone or with strangers but I do make it a point that I take a break from the monotony of my life.

I have travelled to a lot of places in India. A lifetime is not enough to cover this beautiful land!

But before I start talking about the places, there are few travel related posts which will help you travel better!

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The places I could travel so far and document are up for you to read:
  1. My li'l Travel Book | Pondicherry
  2. My li'l Travel Book | Jaipur
  3. My Li'l Travel Book | Bangalore 
  4. My Li'l Travel Book | Goa. Part 1.
  5. My Li'l Travel Book | Mumbai. Part 1.
  6. My Li'l Travel Book | Hyderabad
  7. My Li'l Travel Book | Amritsar
  8. My Li'l Travel Book | Udaipur
  9. My Li'l Travel Book | Coorg
  10. My Li'l Travel Book | Kasol and Malana

Also, few suggestive posts about some cities in India are:

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