See the right panel which has a li'l box titled "Know Me"? Yes, that pretty much explains me in a few words. Even though now I can say that I have, academically, completed my education but I refuse to give up on my "student" status because I believe that I am learning each and every day. Also, it makes me feel younger - thanks to the quarter-life crisis.

Yes, so academics. I am an electronics and communication engineer who later ventured out to understand all the Big Data stuff that is going on and thus pursued my Masters in Business Economics, now known as MBA(BE).

I write this blog for my soul. For my kitchen, I work with one of the big fours in the field of data science.

Impulsive and crazy are not the adjectives that relate to me positively but yes then again, that is me.

I have been scribbling down my thoughts for a pretty long time now. Sometimes I do it for myself because I really need to have a vent, sometimes I do it because I have no apparent reason to not to do it and sometimes I do it because I become a part of the "influencer marketing" strategy for some brands.

If you like what I write, do let me know. If you don't like it, I insist that you let me know that for sure. I can be reached at :

I am very quick when it comes to replying to emails and it is the fastest way to reach me.

For those, who are still looking to know more about me, maybe you would like to check out the following:

1. My 10 Secrets
2. My 9 Loves
3. My 8 fears
4. My 7 Wants
5. My 6 Dream Destinations
6. My 5 Favourite Food
7. My Top 4 Books
8. My 3 Favourite Songs
9. My 2 Best Films
10. That 1 picture 

And of course, if you are interested in knowing me, you have to know the about the people who made me who I am today and make my world even more beautiful.

1. My Didi
2. Jumpy (Oh, I miss you so much)
3. Sharma Ji
4. My Baba
5. My Ma
6. My Soul Sister
7. My Silly Bunch of Peeps

That is all you must know about me and my world. I hope you keep returning.

Loads of Love,


  1. Loved to know about your blog, and your nice About page....hope to connect with you more in the blogging world....I have a personal blog where I hope you will find somethings of interest...:)

  2. @Anindya Thank you so much! I love personal blogs :)
    Look forward to connect :)