This year the the #AtoZChallenge seems like a real challenge because my life is taking a completely 180 degrees shift and I am taking up this challenge amidst that. Why? Because like every year, I don't want to miss it. I am not sure if I will complete it or not but I really want to start it off because this place certainly dead for a while now.

But, what matters for today's post is that I am taking up this challenge to talk about the emotions/things/people around us which we sometimes take for  granted. I am so glad to have realized their importance and I also want to give some of the credits to one person of my life. Also, it's his biebirth month and this is my li'l gift to him(shhhhhhh!)

I might have or might have not cribbed a lot about changes happening in my life but he is going through equally diddixdif changes in his life and he makes all that look at smooth and effortless.

So yes, I am going to blabber randomly for the next 30 days. I don't have time - my own wedding plus loads of relocation happening, so I will use pictures and let my laziness take over.

Hopefully, see you here everyday!

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