E-Book Vs. Paper Book : The Never Ending Debate

I have always been a book reader. I love my stories in flesh and bones. And somehow I am very used to the jet-black prints on the off-white pages with a faint milky fragrance. But recently, my better half gifted me a Kindle.

I have always been very averse to the idea of "not buying books". But then, now I have an e-reader, I realized it won't be cost efficient to still buy books. *sigh*

There is nothing more relaxing than a smell of an old book. E-books don’t smell.

E-books have become a trending reading standard with the advancement of technology. But still, there’s a charm in reading an old-fashioned paper book. With the evolution of technology, the realm of reading has also been digitalized and now, the readers are divided against one another. On one side there are e-book fans and on the other hand, the lovers of old-school paper books.

According to recent findings of a survey by Pew Research Center, 65% of people polled that they read a printed book during the past year, while only 28% read an e-book.

Even I did a li'l survey on my Instagram and out of the 250 people who participated, 85% of them still prefer paper books. 

I am personally in favour of paper books. eReaders are definitely cost-efficient and save a lot of space. In fact, it leaves you with a lot of choice of books to read when you are on the move, however, the charm of a paper book can never be matched with this new age device.

Digging a li'l deep into the discussion that I had during my  survey:

There’s something special about physically touching a book

Die-hard fans of printed books claim that there’s nothing more intimate and soothing like the smell of paper and the whispering of the pages as if they are telling a story themselves while flipping them gently with the fingers. In fact, numerous studies have shown that you understand better when reading a paper book instead of an e-book. It is better for memory retention and focuses.

A Printed book can effectively build literacy in children

Several studies have shown that printed books are still a better choice when it comes to reading comprehension. As per a survey conducted by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, it was found that the literacy development in children was more productive with a printed book than with an e-book. It is because a published book offers a centralized focus on the story and also provides ample opportunities for interaction between the parent and the child while reading the book.

E-books are searchable

A practical advantage of going digital is that a portable e-reader can carry an entire library wherever you go. You can quickly research a book on e-readers without having to go to the library or bookstore. Moreover, the e-books are easily accessible and come with a refund of $3. Plus, you can buy them at low prices if you use e-book discount coupons.

Young readers prefer e-readers

Young people have more in common with e-readers and the electronic devices than a paper book. A study published in the journal Library & Information Science Research in 2014, stated that 10th-grade students, out of 143 most preferred e-readers. Those who were not much into reading also shared a strong preference for e-readers.

My favourite argument in favour of paper books says that the escape and emotional connect that a physical book provides, that can be never be achieved by an ebook. Physical books are so real - you can feel them - like a true friend! 

Owning an e-reader doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate paper books, it means you can’t stand without both. Both forms have their own charm; it’s all about your preferences, the only thing that matters is you should take advantage of reading, no matter which forms you select.

I love reading on my Kindle. However, there are certain books on my wishlist which I will never buy on Kindle. 

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

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