One food item that has to be mentioned about Delhi!

For me, kebabs are the go-to food. 

So, my favourite type of kebab is Galouti kebab which is fundamentally from Lucknow but the ones that we get here are like, like the better than the best. Enjoyed with the Warqi parantha!

Kebab originated from the Middle East. And trust me, though I loved the meat quality in Dubai, I am still a fan of the kebabs I get here.

This is post is written because the mister wanted me to write about Kebabs and his discovery of this amazing place which serves the best kebabs in the entire city. He took me there for our first date - see, we always had our priorities set - no matter how the date goes, the food has to be good.

This place I am talking about is in Chankyapuri. So, it has a makeshift kind of a setup but is established here for a long time now. They don't have any seating arrangements. You drive down there, order and enjoy the food either in your car or bring it back home. Try the Kakori kebab with the roomali roti. The place is named Alkauser. Now, this is not just any Alkauser but the one in Chankyapuri only!

Please go and share the feedback with me! I completely love it!

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