We invented Jugaad! 

Yes, we did. Jugaad is now a globally accepted term in the field of innovation. It literally meant a smart, intelligent, low cost and effective workaround for any situation.

An average Delhiite will use this word at least once in a day. And this city is a hub for jugaad. You will find a workaround for everything here.

And yes, the most popular ones are the ones which are being done in the offices of law and the police stations. That is a sad state, yes. And I can not say "as long as it is harmless" because if it involves law then it is everything but harmless!

However, Delhi certainly has some jugaad which are witty.

Take, for example, the recent demonetization where getting cash for immediate use was a constant pain because of the never-ending lines at the ATM and no supply of cash from the banks. There was a money crunch and how did Delhi students decide to overcome it? They decided to skip classes because they did not have change to travel to classes. This is still okay. But Delhi came up with the simply ingenious app called Book My Chotu where you can hire a person to stand in queue for you and then contact you when they are almost at the head of the queue. Who could have thought about that?

We actually have a solution for everything. Don't we?


  1. Hahaha...that is hilarious...Book my Chotu :)

  2. It is strange that we think something to be our original but exists everywhere else. Many apps like Bookmychotu exists in other countries. Jugaad is just innovation. It has existed ever since humans grew their brains to double the size. What we can be proud of, is the nice colloquial name we gave to it.

    1. Yes, you can say that! The name is something we can be proud of ;)