Though I have already written about the wonderful gates of the city of Delhi, India Gate is something which has always captivated me in its awe!

It is one of the landmark buildings of Delhi. Though the foundation of India Gate was laid in early 1921, it took a decade for the building to complete to look like the way it does today.

India gate is that centre from which many important roads of Delhi originate. In fact, the C- Hexagon is the largest roundabout in Delhi.

India Gate is a war memorial. And yes, a sight of it makes you feel even more Indian.

There are few more things which you can do only in Delhi, at the India Gate!

Watch the sunrise at the India Gate 
It is the most delightful sight. I remember having night outs at the JNU campus and then going for an early morning drive for the sun rise!

Jog or Cycle
This place is so apt for your early morning jog or cycling. I have still not done it but i really wish to do it soon!

If you are born and brought up in Delhi, you must have had at least one picnic at the India Gate, in the Children's Park just opposite to this monument!

Get your crazy pictures clicked here
I have had visited this place at all time of the day with almost everyone who is close to me. And we have clicked some great pictures here!

Night Life!
You must visit India Gate at night for the vendors who sell pretty funny toys and then to have Ice Cream while looking at this wonderfully lit monument.

I am always in awe of this building whenever I pass through the C-Hexagon.