Delhi is architecturally beautiful because it has a great history attached to it!

From the 8th centrury to the 20th Century, vaious gates were build around this walled city - which marked as the entry point to Delhi.

From the 8th century to the present day, Delhi has seen a make over 8 times with the change in the rulers, according to the dynasties which ruled. I will discuss more about it in the next post - H.

The six gates of Delhi, out of the 14 recorded gates, stand strong even today - thorugh the ages.

Starting from the latest, the India Gate is the most important landmark build during Lutyen's Delhi. Situated in the heart of Delhi, India Gate serves as the All India War memorial - a tribute to the Indian soldiers martyred in the World War 1.

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The gates of the seventh city of Delhi are gigantic and follow marvellous style of architecture. These are:

Build in 1835, the Kashmere Gate served as a shield to protect the Britishers from the mutineers during the revolt of 1857. Today, it is a great landmark in old Delhi and I am so glad to have spent my graduation years near this historic place in the city.

Next is Ajmeri Gate which was build circa 1650 in the city of Shahjahanabad. It is a living testimony of the revolt of 1857, which happened here in Delhi. The building has now been demolished due to the commercialization, however, this one gate still remains.

The grain market in Delhi sits insiade the Lahori Gate of Red Fort. Outside this gate stands a historic Mosque build by Sirhindi Begum, wife of Shah Jahan. (Yeah, he married her after the death of Mumtaz Mahal - to whom he dedicated the Taj Mahal of Agra.)

The Gate between Old Delhi and New Delhi is called the Delhi Gate which was build in 1638. You can see this gate when you to Daryaganj in Delhi to Kashmere Gate.

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And finally, the Turkman Gate which was build by Shahjahan and is named after the 13th century Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Turkman whose tomb lies in the close proximity of this gate.

I realized while writing this post that it requires way lot of research to talk everything about these gates of Delhi. I really hope to do that soon! 


  1. Very interesting to read about the history of the city and its gates. I'll be back to read abut the dynasties too

  2. Again a revelation..a whole post on the gates of Delhi and you say there´s still so much to research upon....Fascinating

    1. I don't think I have actually covered all the gates!