Delhi is the heart of this beautiful nation. And Connaught Place, or fondly known as CP, is the heart of this amazing city which I am trying to cover during the course of this challenge.

CP is love. Period. 

I have spent a lot of my time in CP during my undergrad days - doing nothing, just sitting on one of the pavement benches with my bestie and introspecting about life! I have some amazing memories attached to this place and there is absolutely nothing that I can ever hate about this place. 

If I open my box of memories, CP is the centre of so many things:

I have spent the most amazing times here with Mahima. I have had crazy drinking nights with my oldest friend, Umang, in CP. I have had loads of pointless discussions with my love Christina. I have been a host to my best blogging friend and life coach, Roshan, and took him to this place to give a flavour of Delhi during his short stay. I have memories of the important people in my life here. I had my first drink with my family here. Our first car was brought from CP. I can not stop counting the memories I have associated with this place. 

I have spent days getting lost here and still finding my way around this beautiful circular maze - which is houses some Imperial historic building. CP is THE place for any reunion with friends because of its location (central Delhi, d-uh!) and its connectivity. 

The face of CP has changed through the ages. 

  • Before the development of the NCR region - majorly Gurgaon and NOIDA - major Indian firms had their central and corporate office in this part of the city. Many still have. But now CP is the hub of many pubs and bars and amazing restaurants
  • CP was the hub of movie theatres after the introduction of talkies in India. There were four major theatres called the Odean, Rivoli, Regal and the Indian Talkie House. Now there are just two - Odeon and Rivoli. Regal closed down recently and I feel sad that I never watched a movie there. 
  • CP was thought of being made as a marketplace in the shape of a horseshoe to bring luck to both shoppers and shopkeepers. But presently, CP not just has the big showrooms sprawling in the inner circle but also the Janpath Street Market and Palika Bazar rule this place - the shopkeepers here are definitely luck. 
Whenever I seek some peace, I go and spend my time at the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara located here. My hangout zone with friends is definitely CP but the traffic here makes it unbearable sometimes. The most feared metro train station - Rajiv Chowk - houses in CP. 

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Some historic and traditional shops here (Gangaram and Sons for Cashmere woollens and Shree Leathers for leather goods) are definitely the reason to be in CP. Then the elusive revolving restaurant, Parikrama, giving a view of the places around is definitely an amazing place to be. The Central Park with the huge national flag in the middle gives a very patriotic vibe to this place as well! Then there is Oxford Bookstore which has been MY place for a long time.

If you come to Delhi and you have not been to CP, you will definitely miss a lot! 


  1. One place i still remember from lone visit to Delhi. It was so huge with so many options... Really envy you for that place!!

    1. I am sure you loved it. Come to Delhi forever, please. Pretty please!

  2. Hey Sushmita! This brought back memories..Ive been to Delhi only once ..two decades back. And CP is still fresh in my memory. I´m sure much has changed since :) Inviting you to read my C post :

  3. Thank you! I hope to hear more updates from you.
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