"You can do this Kabir. You are just overthinking!"

"But Keyaa, I joined just a week back. I have no idea about so many things and they give me such a huge project to look after?!"

"Because probably they know that you can do it.."


"No! You have always dreamt of coming here, to Google. Now that you are here - you are given this amazing task. You used to complain about things you had to market earlier which had no relevant use in the present day world. Now you are at the right place where things which make sense in this fast-paced world are created.  You are just getting cold feet. Remember, the same just a week before our wedding day?", Keyaa sulked a bit.

"Yes. But no. This is scary. I have so much to prepare and I am certainly clueless."

"Oh! You have a lot of time. Just relax. Have a good night's sleep and trust me, you will be sorted by tomorrow morning."

"Maybe you are right. Well, you know me better. So yes, good night.."

"Good night, honey!"

Kabir lied down beside Keyaa. But he was certainly not sleepy. He joined Google a week ago. And he had been given this tremendous task of working closely with the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 (#BoseQC35) marketing team to get the balls rolling for it! It was huge. And Kabir was excited. But he was more scared. This was a huge thing to work on.

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Though he knew he was not alone the new place, new position jitters never take a back seat, even though you are quite experienced in the industry!


Kabir looked around. There was a man sitting at his bedroom window. He had a pretty funny hairstyle. He looked like his younger self! What was happening?

"Who are you?"

"I am you. Remember, the one from 2016?"

I did not even drink tonight, Kabir thought to himself. "Excuse me?", he asked the man claiming to be Kabir.

"Remember, I usually pop up in your head whenever you are having cold feet? I generally a few years in the past.."

"Yes, yes. But I thought those were just my hallucinations."

"You are not completely wrong though. This time its just that I am here without any drug influence. By the way, I am not very proud of your daily drinking!"

"Yes. It's no longer there. You shall love the future you..me..umm, whatever!"

"Oh, that is great! I knew this girl Keyaa will do only good to you! Anyhow, let us just get to the point. What is really bothering you about this project?"

"This new product! It talks about being a super smart headphone.."

"And you are completely prepared for it!"

"No, I am not!"

"Oh yes! You are! Remember, how in college you used to talk about the phones and other personal assistants being artificially trained to do everything just by talking to them?"

"Like telling the weather?"

"Or playing your favourite music, yes! I know you remember! See, you work with Google. People here are working hard so that they don't have to work at all in the future! And the future is almost here."

"Yes, the new Bose QC35 is a great organizer. It plays music, tells the weather, receives the text messages, tells the news - all with voice!"

Yes, it is actually so simple. Just command saying "Play EDM" and there is she, the Google VPAplaying that for you! It is like having a genie, at your command all the time!

Kabir from the past winked. "See, you have done your homework well! Also, do you remember how you used to crib in your college hostel that noise cancelling headphones which work at your fingertips are something for which you were ready to pay a fortune?"

"Oh yes! Because not every noise I wanted to cancel! And the Bose QC35 does exactly that! The Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise, then cancels it with the opposite signal. Also, the level of noise cancellation can be adjusted between three levels to better fit the environment. Wow! I am on a role with all those facts."

"Indeed! So this is actually one of your dream products! And you are so fortunate to have this opportunity to work for it!"

"Yes, you are right.."

"I am always right! So please take that lazy bum and work to know more about it and its customers! You know from here, this thing is only going to get better. You will be one of the first to know and experience it!"

"Yes! I feel good now!"

"I hope you get a great concept for your project.."

"I think I already have!"

"One day, you will be telling the future Kabir about something more than you are dreaming about today. Just like me!"

"Yes. But I hope the future Kabir doesn't get any cold feet regarding anything!"

"Kabir! Kabir! Get up. It's already 6 Am. Time for your morning walk. Stop murmuring in your sleep." Keyaa was nudging Kabir as the alarm rang in the background.

"Keyaa! I have the best idea for this project that I was talking about last night!"

"See, I told you that you will be sorted by the morning. Now please go and don't forget to order groceries from the shopping list that is there in the fridge." Keyaa said in a sleepy voice.

"Oh yes, by the way, the Google VPA also helps in managing the shopping list!" Kabir said with a wide smile.

"What? Why? Good night! I am off to sleep, Kabir! I just fail to understand your levels of excitement!"

Kabir was super happy with his new job and a new project. Finally, he knows what he has to sell.

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