4 Black Friday Deals in India that Will Blow Your Mind!

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Black Friday is the largest shopping holiday in the United States and Canada. I mean how cool is that? A festive holiday with such a huge sale - dream come true.

Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and mainly the deals are on electronics and clothing items. BUT that is in the states.

I am sure we all have those cousins in the US who are our source for getting the cheap goodies during this sale. But not any more! Many of the Indian stores, mostly online, are now offering heavy discount during the Black Friday sale!

Now amazon might not be explicitly offering the Black Friday deals on its Indian website but there are some super amazing deals which you can check out during this week! This remains my favourite because of the vast variety of products on which you can find super discounts.

The next website that is offering amazing discounts during this season is Ajio. Though we have some well known Indian fashion online market places, this one is offering a great shopper's stop for women and the collection here is vast and so satisfying, even to look at!

If travel is on your mind, now is the right time to book all your travel and accommodation using this travelers' website.

This one remains my favourite app to buy all my cosmetics and essentials. You can find all the international brands here. What can be more enticing than great deals on your favourite cosmetics brands?

With just two days remaining, I hope your black Friday becomes super Friday with loads of shopping! :)


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