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Udaipur is undoubtedly the most romantic city in India! And it is royally romantic. I don't know why - there is no characteristic landmark like the monument of Love, Taj Mahal, in this city - but still this place is super beautiful. The aura is just so calm, serene and romantic here. 
Before I start about my journey and stay in Udaipur, here are few travel tips!
  • The best time to travel to Udaipur is from October to March - when the city is pleasantly cold, dry and windy. 
  • Udaipur is reachable through all means of transport. I took a flight from Delhi, which is around 40 minutes in duration.
  • Udaipur is relatively a safer city. Intra-city travel is easy because of the availability of Ola and Uber. My cab riding experience here has been really good here!
  • You will not get starved here due to the huge variety of food being offered - both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. 
I had already covered about my first day in Udaipur here. The first day was just about chilling at the hotel and doing nothing. No wait, doing nothing and just getting clicked! No wait again, I did that on the second day as well - got clicked!

Udaipur is rightly called the city of lakes. I spent my first day at the Lake Fatehsagar, which is away from the crowd and is a lot calmer.  One of the four major lakes of the city, Fatehsagar lake is a man made lake, constructed some 200 years ago. 

The first day in Udaipur was very relaxing. I just went to the rooftop restaurant of my hotel. I just love Rajasthan for its royalty! 

Th next day was about exploring the city. The first place to visit was of course, the City Palace. It is the residence of the current Maharaja, that is, the descendent of the royal family that once reigned here. 

The palace is open to the general public for few hours in a day. It has 11 small separate palaces and balconies. The plethora of architectural genius is commendable - marble work, mirror work, silver work, wall painting!

The best part about this Palace is its location. It is protected by the Lake Pichola and the Aravallis on the sides. From the terrace of this Palace, the whole city of Udaipur can be seen. I can just imagine how beautiful and scenic that would be!

Something is certainly missing in the above picture, I know. So here you go!

From the city palace, there is boat tour of Lake Pichola. It takes you around the lake for good 20-30 minutes and then drops you off at the Jag Mandir, another of the historic monuments. 

Okay, so when I was in the city palace, I couldn't really see how huge the palace is. The boat ride gives a good view of the city palace.  Even after being renovated a lot of times since its inception some four hundred years ago, this palace is a great example of homogeneous architecture!

The lake also houses the Lake Palace, which is now a luxury hotel. Though this palace looks extremely ordinary, the swag of living in the middle of the lake must be of a different level altogether!

Udaipur Lake Palace.jpg
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The lake is beuatiful and I swear I could spend hours watching the undisturbed water around me!

Soon, the Jag Mandir was visible and it is again one great example of Indian architecture. Having said that, I will always maintain than nothing can ever be as majestic as Mughal architecture in the world. The entry pavilion elephant sculptures here are cute though!

Here is a closer view. 

Jag Mandir is actually a natural island on the lake Pichola, the second of the four lakes in Udaipur. The structure with glass windows in the above picture is of Darikhana, which is an open terrace of this monument. Now, it has been converted into an upscale restaurant where you can just grab some drinks and quick bites while enjoying the beautiful view of the lake. I grabbed a quick cup of coffee while sitting at the corner table - when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When you enter this complex, there is huge courtyard which is now used for hosting private parties.

The garden of Jag Mandir is known for the yew bushes and the Bougainvillea flowers. However, this place is mostly booked again for private parties nowadays. In fact, when I was there it was being prepared for some wedding - so most it was closed. 

The first ever structure of Jag Mandir is the Gul Mahal Palace which was build using the Mughal style of architecture. Well, they didn't fail completely. Did they?

And then I decided to get clicked again! Some beautiful background always calls for a beautiful subject!

Fresh flowers are here in abundance - artificially placed or grown naturally. And getting a picture there is a must!

After spending some good amount of time here, I came back to the city, using the same boat. The boats come back to pick you up after every 20 minutes.

The next stop in my mind was a place to have some authentic Rajasthani Thali. One thing that I loved about Udaipur is that the cab drivers turned out to be very helpful. They guided me to a good restaurant called the Natraj Dining Hall and Restaurant and I had one of the best thalis I have ever had.

It was a vegetarian thali with most of the dishes cooked authentically. The only off the cuisine dish served here was the custard. But given the fact that it is a dessert, I really did not mind. I was so famished that I decided to eat first. 

After this I came back to my hotel for some rest. The cab driver had told to go to one of the few royal and very famous places for dinner there. The Ambrai and Upreh are the restaurants for having a good romantic candlelit dinner at the lake side. 

The one thing that I missed was the Saheliyon ki Baadi. My hotel was so close to it that I took this place for granted and missed it! 

I explored the nearby market in the evening and at the dinner time, proceeded to the restaurants suggested by cab driver during the day. The restaurants are definitely pretty royal!

Here are some pictures of the place called Upreh which was established in the 16th century. 

However, I got to know that these restaurants take reservations weeks in advance. So I settled for another nearby restaurant, which was again lake side. 

I really love these kind of romantic and quiet experiences! I called it a day after having some good food. I had a flight to catch the very next day. 

Udaipur was certainly a great weekend escape from the daily drill. I plan to visit it again sometime soon. 

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arv! Jpr said...

Udaipur is my all time favorite destination. I don't know how many times I have visited this lovely town.

Chandresh said...

On top of my wish list is to plan a long gateway and stay in Lake palace , udaipur ... Its all together different feeling to stay liek a king even for 1 day :)

Sushmita Malakar said...

I know now why you are saying this! I completely love Udaipur :)

Sushmita Malakar said...

Totally Chandresh! You should do it once! And I would suggest to go and live in the Udaivillas!

I stayed in Radisson Blu Udaipur. It is pretty royal! :)

And thank you for visiting my blog :)

Minakshi said...

I never been to udhaipur but all the pictures are very beautiful and attractive. Now this place is on my vacation list. Will make a plan to visit here. Thanks for sharing your experience about udhaipur.

Keerthi Vydyula said...

I have never been to udaipur but this post of yours is making me feel like “I want to be there now!” If that is possible... those were some lovely captures accompanied by lucid writting. Especially i loved the views of lake palace :-)

Sushmita Malakar said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, you should definitely plan a getaway to Udaipur. One of the most quiet and lovely cities :)

Sushmita Malakar said...

I am so glad if my post made you go that way! This is definitely one place you must visit. Thank you for your visit and kind words :)

Mommy T said...

Udaipur looks like a stunning place.. thanks to your pics.

Sushmita Malakar said...

@Mommy The
It indeed is! Thanks for your visit :)

Jayshree Bhagat said...

Your outfit and the place other look amazing

Tina said...

Hi Sushmita! This is such a lovely detailed post with wonderful experiences and breathtaking pictures. I havent yet been to Udaipur but do plan to visit it soon. Love and Cheers!

Sushmita Malakar said...

Thank you so much! The place is certainly amazing! :)

Thanks for your visit :)

Sushmita Malakar said...

Thank you so much for the kind words! Please go to Udaipur soon, I am sure you will love it!Do let me know if you want any help in planning the trip :)

Upasna said...

Lovely pics. Udaipur is next in my travel list from long.

Sushmita Malakar said...

Thank you so much Upasna! Take my suggestion and pack your bags for Udaipur during the next extended weekend!

ana de jesus said...

I am a vegetarian so I am so pleased to hear that there are some great vegetarian options, what would you say us the best choice to eat in Udaipur? Beautiful place to visit as well, the culture is truly fascinating x

Joline said...

I've read quite a few posts about Udaipur and I am so close to getting convinced to make it our next destination! It's really quite beautiful.

Soon Joo Uh said...

Oh I really look forward to visit India. I’m not familiar with Udaipur but looks so beautiful place. Wow beautiful lake too. It’s now officially on my bucket list. Thank you!

Jhilmil Mommyinme said...

Udaipur, my birth place, so I have to say that I love it so much. The beautiful fatehsagar lake and the palaces in the lake are so mesmerising.

Nikoleta98 said...

You look really great in the first dress... I just had to tell you that :-)

Style Over Coffee said...

I have been to Udaipur but stayed there for only a day. Would love to visit again. In fact, your post and photographs are making me want to visit soon!
Thanks for sharing.
Do drop by my blog as well : :)

Vanessa Palma said...

I have never been here but you make me really want to visit. The palace looks like it would be so much fun to visit!

Alison Rost said...

Udaipur sounds like it definitely lives up to its reputation of romance. If my husband and I are ever lucky enough to go, you can bet we'll be having dinner and drinks on pretty rooftops (for him) and taking a boat ride to see the palace (for her). x

Blair Villanueva said...

Udaipur looks like a very peaceful and relaxing city, i wish to visit soon and explore the local scene. Looks romantic and exotic as well.

David Elliott said...

All of those places in Udaipur look completely amazing. I love the castles there, and you are right, the views are just marvelous. The Castle by the sea just looks lovely.

Aziel Morte said...

That places was really looks amazing and you looks beautiful on your outfit

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