I am sure you all must have enjoyed the great online shopping festival during the last week! Online shopping has definitely changed the face of how we used to shop!

No matter what the source is, I always have my reading list prepared. 

I return again with another post about books - this time the online stores to run to. I know a trip to bookstore is any book lover's fantasy but when there is no time to go to the bookstores but you know you have to satisfy the reader inside you, online stores are the best!

As I mentioned, for reading-addicts, there is no joy better than buying new books. Thanks to the online platforms now you don’t even have to visit a bookstore to buy a book. Simply search for the book you’d like to buy online, buy it, and the same will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Online stores are also very handy if you do not have a bookstore close to your home or are unable to find a specific title locally.

But while there are now hundreds of online portals in India that sell books, which ones are the best? Here is a li'l help for you:

1. Amazon

While you might know Amazon as the largest e-commerce portal all over the world, do you
know that Amazon was actually incorporated as a bookstore? Yes, this is true! In 1994, Jeff
Bezos started Amazon.com as an online bookstore. And they still have the largest collection
of books online as compared to other e-commerce portals.

The books are divided across several categories like Romance, Literature, Fiction,
Biographies, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Study Aids, Business, and much more to make sure that there is
something for everyone. No matter if you are looking for the Paperback version, Hardcover,
or Kindle version of a book, you can surely find it on Amazon.in. Moreover, you can also use
Amazon Coupons to get great discounts on your favorite books.

2. Flipkart

The Indian rival of Amazon is not too behind when it comes to the best of books online.
Flipkart too has a vast collection of books at its online store. Be it Fiction, Non-Fiction,
Educational, Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality, Self-Help, or Reference Books, you can find
them all at Flipkart. The store has almost 40 million books listed on the website to ensure
that there is no dearth of options for the buyers.

The latest of international releases are made available at the store as soon as possible,
making it a great platform to buy the latest books. It has got handy filters, like sorting by
Popularity, Price, Ratings and Offers to help you easily find a great book of your choice. And
with the help of Flipkart Coupons, you can also get amazing discounts and other offers on
your book purchases.

3. ShopClues

If non-fiction books by Indian authors are what you like, ShopClues too can be an excellent
option for you. The online store has books listed from some of the most popular presses in
the country like Palala Press, Nabu Press, Arkose Press, Ulan Press, and a lot more. There are
several other book categories like Biographies, Health & Fitness, Religion, Reference, History
and Politics, and Coffee Table books.
The store also offers a number of filters to make it easier for buyers to find a book of their
choice. Some popular filters include Brand, Cash on Delivery, Global, Item Condition,
Merchant Rating, Price, and Discount. You also find a wide selection of ShopClues Coupons
with the help of which you can avail amazing discounts on the books.

If you love reading, make sure that you visit the online stores mentioned above as these are
the ones that have the largest and most amazing collection of books in India. And don’t
forget to use the coupon codes when buying to get massive discounts.

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  1. I always buy books from Amazon. Initially I bought from flipkart but I feel Amazon has a much better return policy so now I buy a lot from Amazon.

  2. I regularly order books from Amazon and Flipkart.
    Informative article on where to buy books

  3. I didn't know ShopClues had books too! Your post picture attracted me to this post, as you have my favorite authors there :)

  4. I remember being the intial user of Flipkart when it started with selling books ... the ecommerce portal has come long way and even we have swithched to E-book /Kindle books to save paper

  5. I frequent Amazon, but not the other two. :-) But yes, they do have some great deals at times. I still prefer a fortnightly trip to Blossoms Book House over e-retailers though :D

  6. PS: If you've bought A Time to Kill, I'd also recommend Sycamore Row.

  7. Amazon is my favorite place to shop online for books- both for kindles and hard copies.

  8. @Aesha
    I completely agree. The choice is completely subjective actually. It depends on the availability of the books in my TBR list!

    Nevertheless, thank you so much for visiting! :)

  9. @Iram
    Thank you so much :)
    I hope you visit here more often

  10. @Neha
    Yes, you can get many of the contemporary, "good" Indian authors on Shopclues. Thank you so much :)

  11. @Chandresh
    Indeed! However, the joy of reading a hard copy of any book is altogether different fun! :)

  12. @Vinay
    Thank you for the lovely suggestion. Also, I keep a tab on your fortnightly trip to your favourite bookstore! :)

  13. @Avi
    I keep switching between these three! :D

    Thank you for dropping by! :)

    I hope you liked my blog!

  14. I agree..Flipkart and Amazon are my top choice for ordering books online. You can get some great deals too.

  15. @Deepa
    Indeed! Online shopping has made life so easy!