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Sunday, April 23, 2017

My Mom is My inspiration #MyFilmyMom

It has happened so many times that Mother's Day coincides with my mother's birthday!

However, I was thinking about the Bollywood films' moms my mother resembles to and then I realized that the Bollywood mommies are inspired from the real life mommies. 

So here I am, discussing the few traits of my mom which has inspired so many filmy moms' characters! 

My mom has been my source of inspiration since like always. She is the one who taught me to be patient. Patience is not something that can be taught in classes or there are special know-hows to learn how to be patient. You learn patience by seeing people. And she, of all the people I know, is the epitome of patience. I have never seen her react, leave alone overreact, to any situation unless and until it has reached to some level of intolerance. She waits for me every evening, patiently. 

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My mother has always been the one to make me see that how things in life never work with force or anger. She made me tame my short temper, which existed long ago and I don't remember when. She has been the one who educated me about the importance of honesty in life. I learned about hard work from my father, but hard work pays back only when combined with faith and honesty - this is my mother's pearl of wisdom. 

It was because of her that I could actually discover how well I am at doing things that I always wanted to but never did. She knew about my stage-fright but always made me participate in those recitation competitions where I had to stand alone on the stage, looking into the eyes of hundreds of pairs of eyes, glued at me. She made me feel like a person whom people would love to read. She made me believe in myself. She never taught me to dream big. She always taught me to just dream and work towards it, unconditionally and faithfully. 

My mother is the source of my beautiful smile. She is the reason behind the sparkle in my eyes. And she is just behind each and everything that I am today.  

I wanted to write a letter-post, but my mother has just started to use Facebook. And trust me, it will take her another year or so to get familiarize with Blogger and read my letter to her. So, I am writing a letter to her in my diary, hoping that she would read it someday while she cleans my study table. Not that I am lazy and don't keep my study table clean, but these moms, they have a habit of cleaning everything, all the time! 

Gift your mom something special this Mother's day.

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