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Sunday, April 23, 2017


In the times when we are busy aping the western culture, it is important for us to understand that probably the western culture is busy aping us as well.

Having said that, I am not saying that I am against the adapting to the good things that we learn from the other side of the world. All I want is that we keep the good things from what we know and what others are offering. 

I got to know that the world around us is more Indian than we think. We might not take pride in being born in this beautiful country but people outside are surely practicing things which we might be overlooking! 

Of course India has made a lot of contribution in the field of mathematics and science - and even the things like pyajamas and shampoo are something that is a gift of India to the world. 

Just a li'l conversation with my best friend who was staying across the oceans made me realize how Indian the world outside is getting when I, personally, never thought that it was a big deal. 

When you know someone personally who does the things about which you have just heard, you become all the more curious. 

What followed after this conversation was a li'l bit of research and then a lot of sense of pride!

Yoga is a widespread technique. Even though we see our parents or grand parents practicing yoga in the morning, we actually hush away the idea thinking its crazy. But it is actually not! Yoga is one wonderful gift to the mankind and we should appreciate it as much as we can! 

Isn't that something amazing? 

People around the world are more Indian than I could think of! 

And we might not be extracting the benefits of this age old practise but rest of the world is definitely doing that. 

Here are the top reasons why are people opting for this amazing technique of staying fit. 

After reading about everything, I had a good conversation with my friend who helped me prepare a lot for the cultural trasition. 

"Which airline are you travelling by?" she asked me.

"Lufthansa..why?" I replied. 

"Good! It will make your transition even smoother. You will see why!" she said with a smile. 

Lufthansa is truly a great combination of desi love and the international standards!

Don't believe me? You might want to watch the video!

Author's Note

I am participating in the Indiblogger contest. But this contest actually made me rethink about the importance of yoga in our lives. Surprisingly, many of the weight traning and functional excercising that people do at the gym are the variants of many yoga poses. It is time that we opt for a healthier life! 

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theconfidentguy said...

nicely written and i also love yoga
i do yoga every morning...
visit my blog

Sushmita Malakar said...

Thank you Chirag :)

Yoga is indeed a great form of exercise!