And I can not believe that I pulled this challenge so well this time! 

Before I end it with the last cocktail of the month, I want to thank two people who  motivated me to pull this off so well! 

One is Dr. Roshan who is probably my humanity inspiration in this world. If it wouldn't have been for him, I wouldn't have started this challenge. 

And secondly, my drinking and everything else partner, who suggested this theme and then constantly bugged me everyday to write!

Enough of my speech. 

Here I am ending the drink with loads of juices to keep you hydrated while you sip on the alcohol. 


I have shared links to all the posts of this year's A to Z Challenge here.



  1. Wow!I have loved all your posts

    Congratulations on finishing the A to Z Challenge successfully

    A Peice Of My Life

  2. Sounds like a great drink to be sipping pool side on a warm summer day. WeekendsInMaine

  3. @Karen
    It is! I hope you enjoy drinking it sometime!

  4. Oh I love a Zombie! Congrats on finishing