Not a tequilla fan, but I bring this brightly coloured cocktail which is perfect for party evenings! 

This is a great drink which will hit you in the right amount at the right place. Do try this one!

Pacific Sunshine.

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  1. I have a bottle of Blue Curacao which I used in a drink called Mermaid Water (with two kinds of rum and pineapple juice) and now I can enjoy the rest in your Pacific Sunshine cocktail. Looks like a lovely one for the summer afternoons. My Virtual Vineyard

  2. As much as I like Elvis Presley's singing, I have never liked a Blue Hawaii because of the blue liquor ingredient. Not sure the tequila would make me like Blue Curacao, either. I do like the name of your drink, Pacific Sunshine, though. It would brighten anyone's day.

  3. @Val
    I have to try your Mermaid Water! :)

  4. @Gail
    I Like this one because of its bright blue color!

    Thank you for the lovely comment.