Finally, my favourite alcohol makes an entry. I am a bourbon lover and it's like my go-to-drink!

I fancy this cocktail because of the name and of course the flavour! I love my bourbon neat, with ice. But this cocktail adds just two more ingredients to it and ta-da, you have a fancy yet simple drink with you!

Fancy Bourbon.

I have shared links to all the posts of this year's A to Z Challenge here.


  1. Again. Did not guess this. Or know this. Sigh... I miss Connaught Place and all those awesome pubs next to each other!!

  2. Wow! This is new one I heard of. Wonderful I too shall try it. By the way, my theme for this A-Z season is cocktails but there is a twist to it. Please check out.

  3. Reminds me of the series Justied: "What do you take in your morning coffee?" "Bourbon."

    Musings Over Poetry

  4. I love the sound of this one - I'm not a big bourbon drinker but I think the infusion of sweetness will make it nice

  5. @Roshan
    Some drinks on my list are pretty much of hidden gems!

    And yes, most of the pubs in CP are now closed. So you ain't missing on to a lot!

  6. @Dipanwita
    Yes, your theme is amazing! :D

  7. @Gail
    Hahahahahha! Yes! :D
    That is how it should be, on some days!

  8. @Debbie
    Yes, this drink is perfect for people who don't like whiskey for its bitterness!