Oh yes! I signed up for this challenge again.

I have been doing since I don't know when - I sign up every year, start with a zeal and then leave it midway. Probably the "challenge" in the name does the trick.

I won't be giving up before I complete it. Every time I leave this challenge mid way, I realize how lazy I am.

So, here I am again. This is the theme reveal post. And I really hope that I will be completing the challenge this year.

Mixology is my eternal love. I love the way so many flavours play with your senses and that too in the right amount. According to me, mixology brings the fun and flavour of alcoholic drinks. The best thing about cocktails is that they are tasty and they keep you busy for longer time. Also, they are a bit filling and thus you end up drinking less.

This year, I will be posting about my favourite classic cocktails. I hope this turns out to be a great series to read!

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  1. I'll visit your blog intermittently in this month of April and read your posts. Don't disappoint me by discontinuing this challenge like you do this every year else I will poke you with my Pen..

    Hypocrisy of Indians - The SOlitary Writer's April 2017 A to Z Challenge

  2. I am endlessly fascinated with cocktails, even though I rarely ever drink them :D Such a fun theme! Can't wait to read your posts :)

    The Multicolored Diary: WTF - Weird Things in Folktales

  3. Fantastic theme. I love cocktails. I will be back during the challenge :)

  4. There better be my Appletini!! Or else, I will gherao you. I will send the Appletini Bachao Andolan after you :)

  5. I'm always on the look out for new cocktails so I'll be popping by through April :)

  6. @Ste

    I know, I know! I am scared of that pen!
    I really hope I don't disappoint me or anyone else this year!

  7. @ A Tarkabarka Hölgy

    I really hope you enjoy my posts during the tenure of this challenge! :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  8. @Roshan

    But but but...I don't know Appletini's recipe. Where do you find it? :P

  9. @Debbie

    I really hope you find some new cocktails out of the list to try!

  10. Whoa! Now that's a theme I am actually looking forward to read this month. Superb, Sushmita and Happy A to Z :)
    P.S: Do not leave the challenge mid-way. We are all here to pull you till the end.
    Sawasdee Thailand at Kohl Eyed Me
    Indian Dishes at Something's Cooking

  11. Here's hoping you do great this year - all the way to Z! I'll stop by to say hello, maybe, and encourage you to keep going. Curse my super-tasting tongue, though; I won't be trying any of your cocktail recipes.

  12. @Shalini

    That is so sweet of you! I really hope I don't disappoint you! Loads of love and wishes for your A to Z!

  13. @Jen
    Thank you so much darling for dropping by. I would be glad to have you here every now and then to motivate me! Thanks and happy A to Z! Hope to read a lot :)

  14. This looks fun, though I'm not a big cocktail drinker myself, I do love the names of them, hehe.

    Fingers crossed you make it to the end this time! I'm sure you can do it. Good luck.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  15. You've put yourself up for scrutiny! Now we'll all be watching you to make sure you finish the Challenge. Be careful not to consume too many of those drinks that you'll be mixing or you might really have a difficult time finishing the Challenge. Or maybe you'll do better. Hey, I'll toast to that!

    Have fun.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  16. @Click
    Thank you for your visit!

    I hope you love the names and probably try them too!

  17. @Arlee

    I am so scared! But I really hope I complete it now - so many expectations! *phew*

  18. What a FUN theme!
    I tend to drink wine exclusively, but I look forward to many temptations this month :)

    My theme for the blogging challenge is Journaling. Stop by, if interested.

  19. @My Cozy Book Nook

    Oh yes! Wine is my poison! I am surely going to make you try some new drinks this month!

    And yes, journaling seems interesting :)