In the past two years of my life, I have traveled a lot. When I say a lot, it means a lot for a girl like me who has stayed in a family like mine - totally conservative and not a fan of travelling. With time, the conservative part vanished, but I somehow had to deal with the part where I had do all the convincing to go travelling - alone or with them. 

I have traveled with my mom dad to places via roads and otherwise. After my recent trip to the south of India, I decided that soon I will be taking my parents to explore more of this part of India. Why? One because I love beaches. Second, because they love temples and such peaceful places. My mother loved Aurovile and the Matrimandir that we visited last month. 

So the first place according to that logic that I shortlisted is Coimbatore. All right, so it might not be a beach area but beaches are hardly 200km away from this place. And I am crazy about road, as you all know! Kochi, which happens to one of the best beaches of Kerela. Secondly, South India is the home of some architectural beauties when it comes to temple. And when going to city, travelling is pretty easy too. Just book the tickets (flight/train), prepare a list of hotels in Coimbatore to stay and do a bit of research on the local cuisine and you are good to go! 

Coimbatore is one of those places in India which are home to some beautiful and peaceful temples. The Dhyanalinga Temple, the Marudamalai Temple and the Perur Pateeswara Temple are to name a few. Not just they are architecturally brilliant but have a history which makes us see and realize that how culturally rich we are as a country.

Also, the Vellangiri Mountains seems to be another refreshing option to explore in this city. Not just that but Coimbatore is amazingly close to Ooty. My last trip to South was good but I was a li'l sad as I couldn't cover Ooty even after being so close. Coimbatore is hardly 100kms away from Ooty. 

All these factors make Coimbatore one of the most sought family holiday destination in India. I really hope to visit this city soon. 


  1. Keep ticking off that bucket list :D Lots travelogues expected here fir to :P

  2. @Shashank
    Yes!!! Pending travelogues bhi hai! :P

  3. Found Comibatore quite a peaceful and simple city. More than Ooty, I like Coonoor and Kodaikanal more :D.

  4. @Aseem I have to explore South now. like really :-/