I am still not over my trauma of missing the Jaipur Lit Fest even after being this close. I was way too excited about that trip because of so many reasons. Why? Because Jaipur is one of those cities where I would really love to visit and stay in the royal way. As royal as the history of this city. I don't have a royal bloodline, but thankfully the royal hotels in Jaipur can at least make that wish of mine, that is staying "royaly", come true.  

The other reason for Jaipur trip for the Lit Fest were exciting on a different level. First, it was THE Lit Fest I have been dying to go to since ages. Second, it was a trip with my best friends. Alone. We have never been on our solo trips in all these years. Blame it on our protective families or just the lack of time, but this one thing has been pending for so long now. However, after a series of events, which clearly pointed why this trip is not meant to be, we decided that let's cancel it. It was one decision taken by a heavy heart. 

Not that I have not been to Jaipur before, but I have never stayed there. My last trip to jaipur was a road trip that just happened. I started from home at around 5 in the morning, did a lot of sightseeing and came back home the same day. But now, I really want to stay in some of the  best hotels in Jaipur. The next Jaipur trip is something that I want as a complete weekend relaxation trip. Just a bit of travelling and then lazying around in some nice resort, with the best of services and a scenic beauty to enjoy when I look outside the window. Not to mention, ROYAL scenic beauty. 

Also, I want to shop a lot in Jaipur. I have always been fascinated by the variety of accessories that this pretty state of Rajasthan has to offer. Also, the traditional bandhni duppatta and sarees are my favourite. 

Being a city so close to Delhi, my getaway trip to Jaipur doesn't seem a far fetched dream now! 


  1. I am sure you will get a chance to go there sooner rather than later considering it's quite close to Delhi :). I have always heard so many good things of this literary fest. Hopefully even I will get a chance to attend some day :/.