And finally, I host the first giveaway contest on my blog!

And no time can be a better for hosting a contest. It is a weekend and it's the Mother's Day weekend. This contest is powered by

Mother is like a flower, each one unique and beautiful. 

And to celebrate this beautiful creation of God, the man created Mother's Day.  I hope this contest is going to bring a lot of wonderful memories back to you. 

So what  do you have to do? 

1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Like my page on Facebook
3. Now comes the fun part. All you have to do is share your picture with your mom. The theme is "Then and Now". Share one picture which shows that how things have not changed between you and your mother over the years. The picture can be you and her doing the same thing, at the same place or may be just a picture that has shows that nothing has changed and only the people in it have aged. Share the picture by tagging me on Twitter (@sushmitamalakar) and using the #hashtag - #MothersDayInMyWorld. Describe the picture by writing a wonderful caption. 

The winner gets a Gift Voucher worth INR 500. The winner will be selected solely based on the picture shared and the caption describing it. The winner will be announced on my Twitter!


And the winner is Sumita Verma for sharing this beautiful tweet and photograph with us! Congratulations!


  1. Hi Sushmita

    here is my entry

  2. Thank you so much for being a part of this Shilpa! :)

  3. Is the winner declared? could not find anywhere

  4. Hi Shilpa!

    Jabong is taking a li'l time to screen the entries. The results will be declared soon! :)