I recently visited Bangalore for a much needed holiday! Yes, the travelogue is coming soon. But why did I chose Bangalore? Because my sister shifted there and we had to visit her. That is why. Apart from being a city that is too dusty for someone as allergic to everything as me, Bangalore is one hip city. 

But I sit to write this blog today to appreciate how good this city is when it comes to be a traveler friendly city. The  quick taxi service in Bangalore is something very commendable. 
You will experience a 24 hour cab service in Bangalore. My ride back and forth the airport, which was around 43 kms from my sister's place, was pretty comfortable due to this facility and of course, the night cab service too. It is like a boon. You just have to call the cab services and they are there. They will just get back to you with the nearest cab available. The services are reliable because the cabs with the drivers are verified and GPS enabled. 

Not just that, my intercity travelling in this city which is (in)famous for its traffic, was also made pretty comfortable by the services. I thought language is going to be a problem for me when I have to make the drivers understand my destination. But the friendly cab services will send you a cab driver who can communicate with you. You just have to ask for it. Even if you don't, most of my cab drivers were well versed with English at least, if not Hindi. 

I am a road travel fanatic, so when we decided to go to Pondicherry from Bangalore (yeah, that travelogue is coming soon too!), we decided to do it by road only. The cab for inter-state travel was also very easily available. Mysore, which is also at a driving distance from Bangalore, was well traveled by us because of the comfortable Taxi services. As I was travelling with my parents, I clearly put forward my need of comfortable car for them for the long journey. And without any hassles, I was given the cab of my choice and comfort. I too had my share of bad experience with it, but somehow the better experiences are too many to overpower the bad ones. After all, to err is human, no?

The taxi service in Bangalore are easy to find, affordable and are pretty reliable. You can actually count on it - whether advance booking or on-the spot booking- the Bangalore cab service is not going to let you down. It will make sure that your travelling is at least hassle free. 

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