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"Ain't we the yin-yang?"


"I am asking you, after an association of almost twelve years now, don't you think that we are those forces who are completely different yet complementary...for like, like both of our existence?"


That is probably one cold reply, you all must be thinking. But if only time was the only factor that determines the amount of completeness any couple experiences. 

It is necessary to see the good, to know the evil.
It is mandatory to experience the beautiful, to define the ugly. 
It is true that difficult and easy are indeed complementary.
And yes, to reach the high you have to meet the low. 

That probably explains a lot. I don't call my association with my man bad but I am yet to see the good that it has. I can not call it ugly because I am too naive and don't know what beautiful is. It was easy to say that we carved our ways with a lot of difficulties. 

He continued the conversation. 

"But we can be. Isn't it?"


And why would I say that? Because we have seen the lowest together and we know that the high is not away. 

To this, he replied, with all the conviction that he had. 

" You probably don't see, but we are the yin-yang. We might be slightly skewed, but we will reach there. I just want you to see that we were, are and will be the single entity that defines every single force of the universe. That is my power of belief. Do you believe me?"

"May be."

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