He is my one and only. So much of love and compassion lost under the burden of responsibilities. He says that the spark is there, we don't see it. We can not see it. And we are too afraid to put in our efforts to re-kindle that spark. But this February, I really wanted to change the story. 


"Listen, do you have time on the fourteenth of this month?"

His reply came instantly, "I can spare two hours. I know what day it is, but I hope you understand. A consultant's job is not easy. I have a tight deadline to meet. Two hours including the travelling."

"That is all I need probably."

My love story just needs to be revived. Two hours-they did sound less, but I will make the best out of it. 

14th February, 8:00 am.

"Dev, please meet me at our school at sharp 10:00 am today."

"School? Why?"

"Please don't ask me any questions. Please."

10:00 am

I was waiting for him at the school gate. There he was. Right on time. I lead him to the cafeteria of the school.

"The 12 years of our life together can really be summarized into these two hours. This is exactly the same table of the cafeteria where it all started. And here is your then usual juice and sandwich."

Dev was obviously shocked. "I don't know what to say."

"Actually, nothing. Let us just make the most out of these two hours. Finish up your supper, we have a movie to catch up. Exactly at the place where we watched our first movie."

"A movie? But we have two hours.."

"Let us move, Dev"

10:20 am

"So here we are, the movie theater where we watched our first movie together on your first vacation back from college."

"Which movie are we watching?"

"The first one!"

The small screen outsider the theatre played the movie Avatar in a fast forward mode. I had obviously asked the guy for this li'l favour.

Dev was in awe. "Where to now? Our first lunch place after my job?"

"You know me so well. That is exactly where we are going for our brunch"

11:00 am

We reached the Garden Terrace Restaurant. The tables were already set. 

I could see the same look in Dev's eyes as those during the times when we were still young and dating. 

11:45 am

"We still have another fifteen minutes. Where to?"

"No where. Let us take a walk down the street."

A quiet and peaceful walk is something we always loved. 

"No matter how busy you are, Dev. I can always make sure that we steal away some moments to ourselves. No matter what, Dev, no matter what. Not even married, but we still are an old couple. Sometimes, it does feel that we have ran out of our firsts. But that is not the case. True love never runs out of the firsts. See, we never had such an amazing recap of our firsts! This was one of our firsts. I am so glad that you could take out sometime for me. Love is always about the quality time that we share."

"Thank you so much for the lovely day. I love you."



  1. That's a beautiful way to celebrate love in such a short time :).

  2. @Aseem
    I have done that a lot of time. Celebrating in short and limited time that I have got!

  3. It's amazing. How lucky he is. Make him spare out some time from his job and read this.

    Dev-You are a very close friend but "I am jealous of You"

  4. @Rahul
    If only wishes were horses..