Utopia, no matter how happy and perfect the word sounds, for me my Utopian world is sometimes my horror. Why? Because I know and I am constantly reminded of the fact that may be that is not just possible. Not even a mile closer to being possible, no.

I am writing about a happy feeling, as I promised, but what I write may not be one of the happiest of the posts!

 It is there in my head,
My world, My Utopia. 
But I know, it is now 
my personal hell. 

I know what lies beyond,
My world, my Utopia.
But I would rather take a refuge
against my own tears.

I can see, I can feel
My world, my Utopia.
But I know that 
I can not grab it.

A happy place it was,
My World, my Utopia.
But I have to accept,
it is nothing but my figment of imagination. 


  1. I always believe that the definition of a utopian society varies with who one talks to. Different people have different views on what encompasses a perfect world. In the end a world filled with challenges whether small or big is what makes things interesting. Yes, we all want to live happily ever after but what is life without any challenges whatsoever? :)

  2. @Aseem
    True, indeed! Challenges are what makes life exciting!

    Sometimes, the world we want to live in, both socially and personal, are entirely different from what we have in real and thus the definition changes from people to people.

  3. Agree with aseem :) Utopian definition varies. Well, but Sushmita, doesn't a figment of imagination is the first step to step closer to the reality from dream ;) You just need to make it right :D

  4. @Shashank
    Firstly, I am glad to finally have a visitor from Chile !:P

    And yes, imagination is necessary, if only, done right! :)

  5. Hello there.
    Hope you enjoyed taking part in the A-Z Challenge! I didn't get to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  6. @Goddess
    I hope you like my blog posts of the crazy month! :)

    And yes you are welcome here anytime :D