The wonderful virtue of love goes haywire and then we make it a sin, calling it Lust.  I never considered lust as a sin. Many of us do, but that is not wrong because to them lust is just the intense sexual desire. That is what we have been taught, no?

Lust is something you should control, they said. I ask why? Lust is the intense desire of the body. The intense desire can be of anything. ANYTHING.  It can be sex, it can be power, it can be knowledge or it can be fame. What is wrong in striving for more knowledge? What is wrong in uncontrollably desiring for fame if that is something that keeps you going and inspires you?

People often compare  love and lust. But love is eternal, so is lust but it can change it's medium. That is probably the only difference. While growing up, I realized that lust is equally important as love in your life. Lust is that passion that makes your love flourish.

Lust is passion
and pain.
Lust has smiles,
and broken hearts.
Lust is rhythmic,
and irregular. 
Lust is soothing,
and dangerous. 
Lust is you, 
and me.
Together we create the art,
to make love bloom.


  1. That's an interesting take on lust. I hadn't really thought of it that way. As a part of loving romance, it's great. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of pain.

  2. I like the idea of lust and curiousity being paired.

    Here's to getting through to the end of the Challenge. ZtoZChallenge Team Member checking in.

  3. @Tyrean Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Lust is always painful, because of the attachments it has. I, for some reasons, believe that attachment is never forever.

    But yes, lust if used to nurture just love, it is never painful.

  4. @Clee Thank you so much visiting my blog and appreciating it! :)

  5. Quite different and thought provoking perspective.
    I agree to your point of view only that lust should not lead to playing with anybody's feelings, if you know what i mean.

  6. That's an interesting perspective on lust Sushmita. We are always taught from the beginning that lusting after something is always bad. But in the end all of us desire for something or the other in life with full vigour and energy. It's just that it becomes bad if we start creating problems in others lives through our desires and wants.

  7. @Alok Thanks :)

    I totally understood your point, but I have always come to believe that it is always a two way thing - playing with feelings and letting someone play with your feelings.

    Just a thought :D

  8. @Aseem
    Yes, as I said, every virtue gone bad is a sin. Nothing in extreme is good, ever. So why just limit it to lust?