“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” 
– William G.T. Shedd

We all have dreams that drives each one of us continue to exist with a purpose. What does it take a soldier to go on a battle field with an aim to shield his country? What made Anandi Gopal to overcome all odds of the orthodox Indian society and became the first Indian woman doctor? What got in to Satyendra Dubey’s mind to stand against corruption that cost him even his life? Internet and publishing have abundance of such inspiring tales that has made these heroes stand out of the crowd.

It is courage that empowers us to achieve this. Courage lets you live a life of your dreams, struggle with your life, defeat the negativity around and motivate an army to follow your footsteps.

I want to bring a change in the society - I am directionless, I am alone, I want to uplift those who are deprived, I want to see equality; I want to bring a change in orthodox mentality. What it is that is stopping me, a fear of failure? I should not be worried in that case because courage will drive my determination to achieve everything; it will free my mind, strengthen my thinking and direct me to the right path.

Courage is not physical, it is mental. It gives you power to defeat the strongest, only need is to put courage above all!

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  1. A lot many people don't have the courage to fight the odds and go all out to achieve what they have set out to do. And this causes a a lot of heartburn as they fail.