Trust can be broken, easily
But Belief, it stays with you forever. 

The second letter of this challenge is B. Belief. It is one of the most important thing in order to survive in this mean yet beautiful world. I called the world mean because I have had enough experience of broken trust. I called the world beautiful because I know and believe that no matter how bad things can turn sometimes, there are always reasons to look forward to a better life. 

Belief is when you put your confidence and faith in someone or something. Belief is the power of one's soul that comes from within. It is the way one believes in one's self to live the dreams and making them real and true. Belief is what guides one through life. Yes, I have always believed in that! 


  1. Hi Sushmita.
    I’m popping in via the A to Z Challenge, as one of the assistants.

    Self-belief is something that lots of people struggle with. It takes time to build confidence. Every person can get there, a step at a time.

    Writer In Transit & A Minion From The Joyful Brigade

  2. Thank you Michelle! I hope that belief never fades away from this world.

  3. Belief in anything can move mountains. If you truly believe in something and work towards achieving it, there's nothing in the world which can prevent you from having it.

  4. @Aseem
    Exactly the kind of belief I was talking about! :)