Affection is what I desire,
Affection is what I deserve.
Affection is what I shall give and 
Affection is what I shall perceive. 

The first human emotion that I am trying to write about today is  AFFECTION. I have pledged to write only about the positive emotions. No matter how important the negative emotions are but this challenge is about happiness of the soul which is immediate and not eventual.

The tender feeling and emotion of love is needed by everyone. One can survive in this world without power and money. But try surviving without human affection and you will realize that how each and every person who is attached to you has such an important role in your survival.

Sometimes, affection is all that one wants and seeks it everywhere. But as I have always said, self love is the only form of love. As I approach my quarter life, I have come to believe that if you can love someone so had that you can forget about the whole world, then you should have the same level of affection for yourself.

Affection is probably not that hard to seek as it seems!


  1. Affection such a beautiful human emotion :) loved the post :)

  2. One can survive without power or money but not without human affection. Beautiful post.

  3. Yes Iyana! I have realized this the hard way. But then again, it is never too late ! :)

  4. :) Affection is a beautiful emotion :) You were attempting atoz? WoW!

  5. All of us look for affection around us. It helps keep us happy and smiling all the time.

  6. @Aseem
    Affection is one of the basic needs. Yes, it is :)