(This is a runner up entry at a contest hosted by BlogAdda)

Well, that was my crazy story of proposing to the love of my life of twelve years. But wait, I have to share my #SoundOfLove too. My li'l proposal which swiped him off the floor! 

It took me another one week to really grasp the fact that  I did the craziest thing in my life. Another week to absorb the fact that I am finally marrying this person I have loved forever. I have grown older with him. I have literally spend my childhood, teenage and youth with him. I have no questions in my mind to actually send the rest of my life with him. 

Love is beautiful. 

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone


  1. That's a really awesome entry for the contest :).

    Loved the idea of these letters. They portray the feelings and emotions beautifully :D.

  2. This is by b far the most creative of the entries. Hope you won... And all the best for many more fulfilling years :)

  3. Thank you for you compliments and wishes Shweta! I really hope the same :)