Life is pretty confusing. And that is exactly the reason why we confuse so many things too. Love and lust, pride and honor and lifemates and soulmates, these are just a li'l things in that never ending list.

A life-mate is a person with whom you know you will spend your life with, sharing it, nurturing it with love and care. A life-mate is someone with whom you happen to share almost every emotion. I don't know if I can really put across my thoughts clearly. Life-mate is an acquired taste, like green tea. Your interests might not be the same but you will gradually adapt to them.

A soul mate is however, not someone you tell yourself that you love. One day, you might just bump into a person who is like your best friend but a li'l better. It is going to be a person who brings out the best in you. It knows you inside out. You share the most similar interest and they go without saying.  They are there with you forever. You don't have to make efforts to keep them. They are just there.

Your life mate need not to be your soul mate. But yes, if these two people are same in your life, you should probably consider yourself blessed.

For me, I have always had a soul mate since I started my college. Call her my better self or my soul sister, but life would have been pretty unimaginable without her. She would complete my sentences, read my mind without even telling anything and be just there whenever I need.

My search for my soul mate ended ages ago. Has your search ended?

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  1. totally agree :D
    You got to be really lucky to find both in one person

  2. And sadly, luck is such a difficult li'l dame to tame!

  3. Many a time people spend their lives searching for a soul mate but aren't able to find one.

    And when one finds both in the same person, then it's upto the person to cherish and value their presence :).

  4. @Aseem
    I so agree with you. Valuing and respecting someone is more important than finding someone! :)