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Since it is that time of the year, when even if you don't want to get into the mush, it gets on to you, I will just share my story of my first love. Well, technically, he might not be my first love, because I fell in love with books way before him, but yes, let us just keep this romantic. Only.

And as I said, I have taken the pledge to share my life, bit by bit, here on my blog, so here goes another piece of the jigsaw.


Its 8:45 am. The 2nd train towards Qutub Minar has already left the platform. The platform started to fill again as quickly as it emptied into the train that just left. I am searching for that one familiar face in this crowd. "Try to be there by 8:40. 9 am might be late." I remember him saying that. Should I just call him? May be I should not. Its only 8:45. 

Every Monday he goes to his office from his home in Delhi by the Metro train. I try to tag along, but I can not. Blame it on my lazy bones that keep me from getting up so early on a Monday morning. I usually don't travel by metro. But whenever I plan to tag along with him, even if it is for 4-5 station, I make it a point that I'm there on time, like today.

The 6th train passed by me as I take out my phone. I don't want to call him, he might already be running late, packing his essential for the next five days of his stay in Gurgaon, and I might just interrupt. But it is already 9. My phone beeps. It is his text. "I'm on my way. I'm late. I will tell you when I come. :("

Its 9:10. Oh! There he is. I see him walking towards me. My heart skipped a beat, as it has been doing since the last 12 years. I just start walking towards him.

No, I have not lost any track. I'm writing in the right direction. Bucket list, according to the Oxford Dictionaries, is the list of experiences and achievements that anyone hopes to achieve or accomplish in a lifetime. It would be stupid not to count the valuable people in one's life as one of the greatest achievements. Therefore, for me, the first thing on my bucket list is to have certain meaningful relationships in my life. I can not thank enough for having such a wonderful couple raising me. And yes, no matter how much I fight with my sister, I'm glad to have her in my life. I love her, always. Apart from these natural relationships, when we leave the four walls of our homes and step into the real world, there is a myriad of people outside. We meet them, we like some and we dislike some. Some become an important part of life for a short period of time and some stay there forever.

I have met my share of people in these 24 years of my life and today's post focuses on one gem of a person I came across. I met him when I was 12. When I first saw him, I knew that he is a keeper. People call him my boyfriend, a guy who is in committed relationship with me. For me, its a misnomer. It just comes naturally to him, no commitment by words were ever needed. I don't want to get mushy, so I hope I don't just get carried away.

My being with him is meaningful because I have literally and figuratively grown up with him. It is not just a romantic involvement. We love doing things together. When I say things, it involves almost everything from talking to eating to reading. He says that people can bond only over food. And trust me, truer words were never spoken. We had our share of ups and downs, but none of them was important enough for any of us to remember. Or let me put it this way, all the good things actually made up for all the bad things that ever happened. I can proudly say that today I'm in a position to recount everything that we'll cherish and nothing we can lament over.

He has always been the perfect guy. A guy who would gel well with my bunch of friends, a guy I can take to my parents any day and a guy who would balance everything well- work and life. No matter how much he is struggling in life, he would never let it effect the li'l space that we share. He is the kind of guy girls find cute. He is an extreme gentleman.  I'm glad that I found him.

I have always seen him as my friend, who is there when I am in distress. He is there to make me feel good about me when I should. If I'm feeling sad for some silly mistake of mine, he makes sure that those feelings don't leave me soon. Yes, that is how he is. He is a guy with a patience-level that no one can match. He never loses his temper. His life revolves around certain principles of living a peaceful life, and I'm glad that I have never seen him compromising with them. He tends to be very irresponsible at times and his indecisive nature can chase away all the sanity in someone. He is a terrible shopper and would take ages to chose the things he might not even need.

Keeping everything aside, I have always idolized him. He has been through a lot in a short span of time only to emerge as a stronger human being. I see freaking-out as the only solution to various situations in life, but he would be rational and smart while dealing with everything, keeping his calm.

I just want him to know that I love to be with him. With him life has been a learning experience. I have learnt to like the things that I have always hated without any reason. I have learnt to try new things and not to be a slave to my pre-conceptions. I have learnt to be mature. Every single day that I have spent with him has been amazing. The journey so far with him has been great. I know nothing on this planet has a probability of 100%, but yes, I know that I would never leave any stone un-turned to have a future with him.

If I have ever fallen short of words to let you know that how much you mean to me, let me tell you today that I love you. 

This is how he looks most of the time. The droopy eyes make him look like the saddest person on this earth and the slight beard gives him the untidy look that I hate. Yet, he manages to take my heart away, with the subtle smile on his face, every single time.

Photo courtesy : A Facebook app called Bitstrips. Yes, it is amazing.


  1. That's a beautiful post :). I am sure 'if this is a true story' , the guy would feel honoured on having such a lovely "girlfriend" :D.

  2. Even I hope that the guy is honoured to have her, Aseem! ;)