I have talked about my bucket list a lot here. My bucket list ranges from meeting good people to keeping them to exploring new things and places. I never started with one bucket list. I always had few things in mind which I decided to do in this lifetime.

Sadly, we all live with so many constraints on our lives. Sometimes, it is about lack of resources, sometimes it is about certain resistance from the people we love and sometimes it is just the self instigated fears.

My bucket list happens to be too filmy at times. But yet, realistic. It might not be pretty practical, but then again, if it is achievable it does great for me. I will share a li'l bit of my bucket list, apart from the part already shared, here. 

1. If I don't have to worry about actually earning money to support myself, I will just open up a restaurant and feed people with the most amazing north Indian food ever. All right, so by money to support myself I mean that a certain level of standard of living that I have now. I really want it to prosper day by day. If that was to be taken care of and I really don't have to worry about my restaurant reaching its break even, I will do that. 

2. If I did not have to work 5 days a week, I would spend most of my time doing something for the street dogs. I love dogs. I just love them. I can not tolerate the way they are treated by people. Dogs, pet or stray, are the greatest creation of God. The human body is not the beauty that was created by God, but a dog's heart is certainly the purest form of beauty.

3. As they say, if travelling was free, you will never see me again. There are so many places I wish to go. I so wish to have monthly getaways. I want to strike off every possible destination on the map of India and eventually on the world map.

4.  I really, really, really want to buy each and every book that I ever wished to read. It might happen that you can not buy one book you really wish to because you have to save for the rainy day. But yes, I know that feel when I really want some book to be with me.

5. And finally, I really hope that I always have enough money to help the needy. I don't like old people selling stuff on roadside or li'l children begging on the traffic signals. I just want to help them in any manner in which I can without worrying about my "secure" future. And I am not saying this just for the sake of it, I really want to.

These are some of the things that I really wish to do if I never had to worry about the three things I mentioned. Even though these are pretty easy things to achieve, they can take a life time for a normal person to strike them off the list. 

Catch more on living without worries at http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar.


  1. Love all the points in that bucket list.

    I would want to travel around the world as well that's if I have the money ;).

  2. Perfect list in the bucket. Loved reading all of them. Carry on with your dreams. Keep posting with lots more.

  3. @Aseem
    I know! Money is the only constraint sometimes! :P

  4. @Shreya
    Yes, thank you so much! For me, my dreams are my impetus to do good in life! :)