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I realized, I talk really less about many things about my life. And then while thinking that I again realized that it would be a good idea if I share some bits and pieces of my story here.

So, I must start today. There has to be a beginning.

This one dates back to my teenage, when, well, internet has just started to surface and when we used to have those dial-up connections. Did I mention teenage? Yes, that was the time when the cupid hit me hard with one of his arrows. Really hard. So hard that I fell in love, at first sight. So hard, that I am still lying down in that deep love. I never got up once I fell down.

During the spring of 2003, I was, fortunately, not a wallflower and I took the liberty of dropping hints of my first-sight-love quite indiscreetly. Unfortunately though, that guy was and still is a wallflower. He never really talked to me out of shyness( well, that is what I want to believe and I hope I never creep-ed him out).

One fine day, I helped him complete his homework in one of the subjects. He didn't really say anything to me in the class. He usually did not talk to me so I took it as his usual. The same evening, I connected my dial-up internet to look for some thing for my history project and that is the time when I found a mail from him. It was an e-card from him. And it was a "thank you" card. God, I feel so old! It seems like a completely different era when people used to send e-cards.

That was the cutest card I have ever sent or received. It also had a message from him that said that he feels too shy to talk to me when everyone is around. I did not know how to react.

A snapshot of the card, which I preserved - after 1 desktop and 2 laptops later. 

And then I saw that "compose" button on the top. I decided to thank him for the card on mail itself. Then I decided to rather say that when I next meet him. After a lot of anticipation, the adrenaline rush of new love and after creating 76 drafts of that mail, I sent him one saying "Thanks".

I got an instant reply and that is how we started talking. He told me how difficult it is for him to talk to someone so outgoing. And he also assured me that he might give the vibes that he loathes me, but that was certainly not the case.

That "click" on the compose kick started our conversations. Had I decided not to mail him back, he would have probably never talked to me or may be I could have never guessed that what kept him from talking to me. The entire course of our lives would have been different today. Probably, I would have kept pestering him with my not-so-subtle hints and he would have continued to ignore me because he was not meant for that.

The story took off quite well from that point. We started talking in class. We became the best of friends. The more I knew him, the more I loved him. And things remained pretty good for the next five years in school.

Wait, but I started off this as a love-story, didn't I? Well, sometimes, it is not love that is important. It is just the relationship that two people share matters. Where did the love story go? Was there even a love story? I don't think this is exactly the time to talk about it. But yes, as I said, I never fell in love again with anyone else. Love-stuck since 2003, proudly and happily. All because of that click.

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