She got a new haircut. They said it looked really good on her. She could now fit into that dress of size 8. They said she looks good with so li'l weight. She started wearing make-up. They said she looks prettier day by day. They liked her now. They liked her a lot. 

Only if they knew that her perpetual depression resulting from rejection from personal and professional life caused the hair loss. She couldn't stand losing her beautiful black hair which she loved. She lost her appetite and constantly fell ill which costed her the cute chubbiness that she had. She turned into an insomniac. Her lack of sleep caused the dark circles which she had to hide using the make-up. 

But seems like all that doesn't matter to THEM. They like what they SEE. They dislike what they SEE.

But shouldn't she be happy because after everything rejected her, she was accepted by THEM who are as shallow as can be?

And yes, we are a part of this society. It's time that we come out of the illusion called pleasing the society. You are on your own. The society will only see the tip of the ice-berg, but its only you who knows what lies beneath. Do what you please. Live for yourself. 

And yes, don't be the society you don't like. 


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