All right, so another year comes to an end and here I am, dealing with some unfinished tasks of my life.

I have been tagged by some really great bloggers for this wonderful award and I will take all the pleasure to blame my laziness for not completing the tag, ever.

So starting today, I will finish off this task before the year ends.

Before I go any further, let me share the rules(these are for the Liebster Award, as well as for the Most Inspiring Blogger Award) :

1. Award receiver has to nominate 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the same award.
2. Award receiver has to answer the 10 questions given by the nominator.
3. Award receiver has to create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.
4. Write 10 facts about yourself. 

I will do the nominations once I am done with my portion of the Liebster Award!

Since the last rule is common for all the awards and I can not think of more than 10 random facts about me, I will start with that only. So, here you go :

10. I too have a nickname. It's Gaabu. It's funny. End of discussion.

9. I am a big time racist. I don't like people because of their community, country of residence, skin colour etc etc. I'm not very proud of it, but yes,  it is a secret. It might happen that I suddenly start disliking you. Now you know the reason. 

8. I call myself a foodie, but I hate to eat 99 things out of the 100 things that I have been offered. Yes, I don't really eat. I just taste. But thankfully, when I recommend you some restaurant, it is because I ate that one thing which I don't hate.

7. I might not show, but I'm a hopeless romantic.

6. I hate smoking, but when I'm thoroughly depressed, I smoke. The last time I was "thoroughly depressed" was some 2 years back. So no, this is not a serious problem.

5. I'm really a sissy. I'm afraid of heights, water, road traffic and many other regular things. I would just avoid them, but never show that why I avoid them.

4. I am hyper allergic to things. And even I am not aware if I am allergic to them. AND  for the things I know - I am too nice to admit that. So next time you happen to cook something really nice with generous garnishing of jalapenos/coriander/strawberries and you offer me some, there are high chances that I will politely take it and sit with it. Please don't force me to eat it.

3. Even though it would happen 1 in 10000 times, but I get angry. Real bad.  When I get angry there is no one as dangerous. I can blow up the whole planet. Solar system. Galaxy. Universe.

2.   I love history. The subject that we studied in middle school, that history.

1. I now post as Sushmita and not Rose. Though there was a totally different idea behind the name "Rose", I realized I need to let go off certain things that don't belong o me any more. And Sushmita is my real name.

My following posts for next few days will be about the answers to the Liebster questions! See you around! :D


  1. That surely is an interesting list of facts about you Sushmita :)

  2. @Aseem
    Thanks! I have listed a lot like them in another challenge I took here called the 10 day YOU challenge :D